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Dodgers: Top LA Pitching Prospect Switches Agents to Scott Boras

A headline no one likes to read. A Dodgers player has Scott Boras as his agent. Alas, LA’s top pitching prospect, right-hander Ryan Pepiot has made the switch to Boras corp just weeks after Corey Seager — a Boras client — signed for top dollar with the Texas Rangers.

The 24-year-old is heralded as a can’t-miss star in the big leagues. While he struggled during his first taste of higher competition at Triple-A in 2021 (7.13 ERA over 41.2 IP), he’s been much better over his short pro career (2.60 ERA over 83 IP). The 6’3″ hurler possesses a power fastball with a devastating changeup.

All of this adds up to something bordering on frightening for Dodgers fans who have experienced a fair share of heartache with Scott Boras clients.

Pepiot is an arm that could and likely will make his big league debut as soon as 2022. Moreover, while the MLB lockout affects things for players on 40-man rosters and recent big leaguers, top prospects like Ryan are getting a closer eye put on them by the organization this winter as the lockout doesn’t change anything for minor league players.

The Dodgers have added a pair of pitching gurus from the ranks of Driveline Baseball this offseason who undoubtedly are working closely with guys like Pepiot, Landon Knack, and Bobby Miller to name a few.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Does any team resign their own player when Boras is their agent?Say bye bye and adios to Julio Urias.

  2. He’s 24 now, and he will be under team control until 29 or 30? I’d rather not have a $30 mil per year contract until he’s 38. As 106W says above, trade him at the deadline his last year, unless we’re in a battle for the WS…

  3. The only reason this guy Boras remains a top agent for players is he knows there will always be one team willing to meet his ridiculous demands for even the average player.

    Like HoF standards being lowered to ensure there is always an induction regardless of actually having the career.

    When you have to seek, find, manufacture a reason(s) to justify an action, the action is already one that should be passed. However, Boras, because of knowing one team will do the just mentioned, his players will be overpaid.

  4. I fear there’s another factor that goes beyond Boras for all the California teams. Cost of living & taxes!!! Which is only going to keep on increasing. I could see a well educated athlete recognizing how much more he would save on his contract by playing in another state or his agent, especially S. Boras, pointing this out to him.

    1. The Dodgers should move to Utah. Getting away from all the cholos should bring them better luck as well

    1. My favorite quote from all time was when Manny Ramirez did his Dodgers intro Press conference, reporter asks Manny ” How does it feel to be in LA Manny?”, Ramirez, ” Tank Yu Scott boros!!!!!!!” Classic!!!!!!!!

  5. look. you have to overhaul the roster every 5 or 6 years anyway and you cant keep every free agent at these astronomically inflated prices anyway. the key is to modify free agency by limiting all free agent contracts to three years max. that keeps players playing hard for their next contracts and limits dead weight in the capspace and on the roster. oh man. am i a master or what? anyway. the key is to eliminate draft pick compensation along with the qualifying offer attached to free agents whtch doesnt really make any sense and shorten team control over prospects to 3 years major league service time or 28 vears old so they still have time to max out earnings essentially making free agency work better for teams and fans to navigate easier. you have to be a mental giant to see it i guess.oh thats right. im army mike. i am a mental giant. here. let me back it up. theres no doubt i could be stopped but im heavy in the brains department and i could school the planet at any point in time if only we lived long enough for the proof to begin to slowly register on a few peoples brains.

  6. Pepiot will be paid the minimum through his first 2 or 3 MLB years, no matter who his agent is. He will be in arbitration for 2 or more years after that. Again, his agent does not make a lot of difference at that stage. After that, trade him.

    1. free agents should be limited to 3 year contracts to keep them playing hard for the next deal,limit team risk over injuries, and reduce dead weight from the roster during the latter stages of deals. rosters should be turned over for the most part every 5 or 6 years because your players become too expensive to keep. especially when theyre getting into their 30s and slowing down. service time should be limited to 3 years in the majors or until they reach 28 years old. and the qualifying offers plus draft pick compensation should be eliminated entirely because free agents shouldnt have to be tied down with extra baggage. if a team loses a free agent simply go get another one. and by releasing all players by 28 and limiting signings to 3 years that effectively creates a vast pool of free agents annually to fill rosters and keep things interesting. you get regular turnover and some might say they get hooked on some players. some might stay. but with the amount of cash flow in todays game and the fact that roster turnover is roughly steady at maybe 5 or 6 years plus player production is fluid with consistency variations and dips in performance in a certain percentage of total cases it seems like the new cba should reflect some drastic changes. you have to keep the owners in line so they dont go hog wild on shopping sprees and bring their teams down. and keep players more honest and agents like boras under control by limiting the damage hes capable of.

  7. It may not seem like the “normal” way to handle the situation, but major league baseball is a very tough business. If I were to sign a pitcher to a $200 million dollar contract (just for example) he would be pitching every fourth day regardless of how he feels. He’s going to re-sign with another team as soon as he reaches free agency anyway, so let’s get everything we can out of him while we can. Or if he is a reliver, he can expect to pitch in 162 games. Maybe a little sarcasm but you get my point.

  8. Interesting comments from so many about players wanting to get the most money out of their careers that it’s almost evil. No one mentions the owners. Oakland A’s have one of the richest owners yet don’t pay their players nor really invest in their teams.

  9. Sone years back when airlines were allowed to go on strike the head of the pilots union negotiating team we will call him ‘RD” was asked by a reporter “aren’t you killing the goose that lays the Golden egg” (by asking for too much and achieving it) RD said “ I’m not trying to kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs I’m just trying to squeeze as many eggs out of it that I can”.So Scott Boras is just trying to squeeze as many Golden eggs out as he can for his clients. I must admit we as Dodger fans may not like Scott Boras (unless he leads his clients to sign with the Dodgers) but if we were in need of an agent ourselves we would hire him too.

  10. The ONLY thing that will ever stop the insanity and ridiculous salaries is a Cap like the NFL has. Not JUST a luxury tax, but a cap. Look for the attendance in the league to suffer dramatically with the cabal in power now . Except in LA where we could throw whoopi goldberg and a box of rocks on the field and still lead the league in attendance…

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