Dodgers Trade For McKinney, Will LA Go Big at MLB Trade Deadline?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have gotten into the spirit of the trade season albeit a minor one. This afternoon the team traded for New York Mets outfielder, Billy McKinney. We discuss the significance of the trade, how McKinney improves the roster and if he could have a big impact on LA’s offense. Plus, what does trading for McKinney tell us about the Dodgers injury situation?

Next, Dodgers President of Baseball Operations, Andrew Friedman appeared on AM 570’s Petros and Money to discuss the current state of the Dodgers and the team’s approach leading up to the MLB Trade Deadline on July 30.

We give our takeaways from the interview and discuss if Friedman is hinting at the Dodgers looking to make an impact trade at the deadline. Plus, how will the Dodgers’ injury woes influence who they target at the deadline.


So what exactly will having all his ducks in a row look like for Andrew in 2021? With the trade deadline just over one week away, the rumor mill is slow churning all around the league. When it comes to the Dodgers, usually that’s a good thing. The louder the rumors are the less accurate they tend to be.

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. A big trade would help but if the offense does what did last night only getting 3 hits with missed chances then a big trade cannot make up for blown saves and an anemic offense.

  2. This team has holes everywhere, no trade is going to help them in the short term. I’m surprised they’ve been able to hold second in the standings, considering the players that have been out. Big questions for:

    Trevor Bauer – Gone? If so, who can fill in?
    Corey Seager – When is he coming back?
    Kenley Jansen – Do you still let him close? Any other options at closer?
    Clayton Kershaw – Will he be out for long? Or more frequent trips to IL?
    Cody Bellinger – What’s wrong with him? Long term damage on that disclosed shoulder?
    Gavin Lux – Should we just forget about this guy? Bad attitude, never lived up to the hype, BUST?
    Keiber Ruiz/DJ Peters – Why not put these to in the lineup? They can’t fair much worse than Matt Beaty, Sheldon Neuse, Reks, or McKinstry. Ruiz can play in field, why not give him a shot at second base rather than Lux? For Peters is due or die, he’s either a big league hitter or he’s not, this is the year to find out.

    More Trades – How about trading guys like AJ Pollock, Joe Kelly, and Scott Alexander for prospects? It’s time to rebuild the farm system.

    I would still give the Dodgers players and management a free pass this year, since they won it all last year. My only complaint this year is there hasn’t been one player on this team that can get Dodgers fans excited, last year was Mookie Betts. Or remember Cody Bellinger’s rookie year? Kershaw in 2014? Just look at Ohtani at rival Angels, even if that team finishes last, Angels fans still have someone to root for all year.

    1. MrHughes, I couldn’t say it much better. As far as Cody’s physical health he’s fine. His swing is still violently flailing and his running speed is strong, it’s his mental state on hitting the ball. I like your take on the minor league guys on whose w/ the team and who should be w/ the team.
      The Dodgers overall need to get more athletic and 5-tool ball players in the system quick because except for a couple of them, the current guys along w/ the 5 young ones you mentioned are not exciting and interesting to watch. This prevents the team to be aggressive w/ speed, power, and swag to dominate the opposition.

      1. That’s what MrHughes, (I think) and I are talking about. The Dodgers need a new influx of players w/ energy and talent to play exciting baseball that the fans are clamoring for. I’m not talking about one player but a core group of real ball players that play together as one and for each other.

      2. Baseball is team sport, but every team in every sports needs a star, or a leader to win it all. Did you watch the NBA Finals? Hero ball Giannis carried the whole team to the title. Without hero ball Bucks don’t win the championship.

        “Hero ball is zero ball”? Obviously Joe knows nothing about Dodgers history.

        1988, World Series Game 1, Kirk Gibson Walk Off Home Run on two crippled legs. End of discussion.

  3. When you look at this team and what they are playing with especially letting Kike and Joc go and replacing them with non proven players, this was bound to happen. They will be in third place in the division after the next Giant Series and lose in the first round of the playoffs unless they make trades adding players that can make a difference, including a closer.

  4. Well Mr. Hughes does win Post of the Day…and I could not agree more….Dodgers won’t/should not shop from a point of weakness…and giving up key chips just to get us in the playoffs and then what…with this rag tag hurt team….not going to matter anyway….

    Do it the Dodger Way, like it’s been being done last 5 years or so….

    Hell living in Lodi among these frsco fans

  5. I keep telling all our long true Dodger fans that this so called team if the biggest embarrassment in history. Loser Freidman don’t go after real players he goes after all the disabled or old players to pocket the money because our so called owners don’t care about us fans or our team because any real owner would have FIRED LOSER FREIDMAN & ROBERTS by now & after he screwed us over putting in his back hand man loser Jansen. And why is Bellinger even in the lineup since his last hit came in what June? Trade Bellinger & Lux & Jansen & a couple minor leaguers to the Cubs for two of their players and you know who I’m talking about. SIGN FIRE ROBERT’S NOW

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