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Dodgers: Trayce Thompson’s Brother Klay Was Stressed Watching the Postseason

It’s not too often you find yourself in the midst of a postseason appearance. For Golden State Warriors shooting guard and Trayce Thompson’s brother Klay Thompson, he has had the luxury of appearing in 145 playoff games (via StatMuse) and has won four NBA championships in the process.

For Trayce, this postseason was his first postseason of his career and of course Klay was not going to miss it. However, while watching Trayce in the postseason, Klay told the media the level of stress he was dealing with was something he has never experienced before and he was witnessing it all from the sideline.

“He made a great play in center field. I’m proud of him because he had a journey similar to mine. He was in the Minor for a year and a half at 30 years old, and he could’ve been like, ‘Man, I’m going to hang it up. I gave everything I had,’ but he grinded. I was there in the building, the Padres got a great team. … I finally understood watching him out there why I never beat him in wiffle ball. Man, playoff baseball is stressful. Basketball is cool because it’s so back and forth. But you sit there and just wait pitch to pitch, it’s not good for your heart.”

Unfortunately, the excitement of Dodgers postseason baseball inevitably came to an end and Klay no longer can stress for his brother. Klay has a long NBA season ahead but will definitely be back to watch Trayce as long as he remains in a Dodgers uniform.

Trayce has plenty of time to work himself back into baseball but will also get to enjoy his off-season watching his brother in the NBA.

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