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Dodgers: Trea Turner Addresses The Possibility of Signing an Extension

When the Dodgers landed Trea Turner in a trade with the Nationals this year, they had to be planning for the future. Corey Seager was set to hit the free-agent market, and the consensus seemed to be that they had brought on his replacement for 2022. 

But beyond 2022 remains a big question for the Dodgers and Trea Turner. Signing Seager to a deal would likely indicate that they have no plans to keep Turner around long-term. But if they do not sign Seager, keeping Trea should be a priority. 

For Turner, it sounds like signing an extension with the Dodgers would be preferred. He talked about the possibility with The Athletic recently, and being a part of a organization dedicated to winning seems like a priority. 

For me, actions speak louder than words. I’m not going to worry about anything like (an extension) until there’s something in front of me. I think this is a great franchise. Being on a team, part of a franchise that wants to win not only this year but for a long time is very valuable and a lot of fun. … I don’t know if that will happen or won’t happen, but like I said, I’m not gonna waste my energy on guessing.

Turner came over to the Dodgers and sparked the offense for the rest of the regular season. It seemed like even when their bats went quiet, Trea was there to provide some sort of spark to carry them. 

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And then the playoffs hit. That’s the part where Dodgers fans have a difficult time handing him over a massive deal. Turner hit just .216 in the postseason and drove in 2 runs while scoring 3 runs. But he’s still one of the best shortstops in all of baseball, and keeping him around should be a priority without Seager staying. 

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  1. It’s good that he’d love to be here but he can’t be flailing at horrible pitches like he did consistently down the stretch and into the playoffs. Also management needs to utilize him better. Have him lead off every game

  2. Extension!!! Extension!!! C’mon Friedman! Ya got Mookie before the free agency hit. Do the same with Trea!

  3. Good point, Paul. I expect Friedman is waiting to see if price for Seager sinks, in which case Trea could be trade bait now or mid-season. Either way, extension will await Seager news.

  4. The FO has bigger worries than Seager. It makes good business sense to let him walk and spend those dollars elsewhere. We have a quality shortstop; we don’t have a starting rotation, bench or bullpen. I know where I’d prefer to see Friedman put his efforts and resources. I’m not sure we even have a reasonable choice in this situation.

  5. How about a little different view on Trea Turner’s value. During the 2019 season when Turner missed 40 games with a broken finger the Nationals won 16 and lost 40, a 40% record. In Turner’s first 40 games back they won 24 and lost 16, a 60% record. Of their final 79 games that year they won 52 and lost 27 with Turner, or 66% of their games. A similar “before and after” analysis of the 2021 Dodgers yields this: Before Turner the Dodgers won 65 and lost 44, for a winning percentage of 59.6%. With Turner, they won 41 and lost 12, a winning percentage of 77.4%! This cannot be all coincidence or happenstance. A 77.4% winning percentage is phenomenal – a truly MVP performance. Over 162 games that would produce 125 victories, versus 97 victories at a 59.6% pace.

  6. Of course he is going to say he wants to come back…but he has been clear he likes the east coast…family ties…would not get excited…all players are going to say they want to come back

  7. We traded top prospect catcher and no doubt front line for 10 years along with top rated pitcher for Trea & Max, you must keep both, yes it cost a fortune along with our free agents, CT3 top of my list, Seager move to 3rd in a year or now if DH. Extend Trea now, yes lead off, Mookie 2nd or 3rd depending on what happens to Seager. I would love a top rated outfielder as well for the 2nd or 3rd spot. Not asking for much, huh? Keep Kenley, and have 6 starters or more! GO Blue!!

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