Dodgers: Trea Turner Has Been the Spark Plug LA’s Been Missing

It’s a sports car. It’s a cheetah. NO, it’s Trea Turner. I’m sure by now, everyone knows how fast the newest middle infielder of the Dodgers is. If you don’t, where have you been?

Many of his new teammates have already talked about the impact he’s made on the game since his arrival to Los Angeles, but digging into how big that impact really is has shown a lot about how much he really means to this team. Trea has appeared in 22 games for the Dodgers so far, and the team is 17-5 during that span. While that may just mean the team is playing well, one of the biggest reasons why starts to become clear when you take a deeper look. When he goes, the Dodgers go.

Trea’s Impact

In the 5 losses since his arrival, Turner is 2-17 (.118 average) with 1 extra-base hit (1 home run), 2 RBI, and 1 run scored. Compare that to 26-70 (.371 average) with 9 extra-base hits (1 home run), 5 RBI, and 16 runs scored in the 17 wins in this month and its no coincidence. That’s not to say that the Dodgers can’t score or win when Trea isn’t hitting well or getting on base, but it sure does make it a whole lot easier. 

So far he hasn’t been the power hitting player who crushed 18 home runs and drove in 49 that he was with the Washington Nationals, but he doesn’t need to be. While that would be nice, Los Angeles doesn’t need him to be that guy. They need him to be the tone setter at the top of the lineup. His ability to get on base and create havoc is exactly what the Dodgers have been missing. He’s already stolen 5 bases during his time in Dodger Blue, as well as turned singles into doubles, or scored from first on a ball in the gap. 

His speed will prove to be even deadlier come October. Any little detail can change the outcome of a game, just ask Dave Roberts, who’s stolen base in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. 

Final Thoughts

The Dodgers gave up an arm and a leg to acquire Trea along with Max Scherzer, but so far both have been worth everything it took. Chris Taylor and Mookie Betts have done well when leading off at the top, but Trea Turner is just on another level. Adding him there only strengthens this lineup and allows the other two to move down and help drive him in. While it’s only been a small sample size, the Dodgers have to be happy with the player they have and should do whatever it takes keep him beyond the 2022 season, especially if Corey Seager decides to sign elsewhere.

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  1. Trea is reminding me of the Maury Wills days and how Maury was such a great offensive weapon for the Dodgers. Kept drawing attention to his being on base and it increased the offensive output alot.

  2. Indisputably, Trea Turner is a welcome addition to the Dodgers lineup, and although its not the most impressive talent that Trea has, that slide is absolutely awe-inspiring. I, too, hope that the Dodgers stay healthy and bring our A-game to the series against the Giants. Right now, the Giants are having more than a Covid outbreak; I sense a “slump” happening (something that the Giants have been able to avoid all season) and we need to be prepared to take advantage of that while, and if, it last. In the interim, let’s win tonight Dodgers!

  3. Knew Trea Turner at NC State along with White Sox Carlos Rodon. Both outstanding characters as well as ballplayers. My Dad born and raised in Brooklyn, sold peanuts at Ebbits Field. Life good to have my loves come together. Go dodgers !!

  4. While Seager is an excellent shortstop, TT is also an excellent shortstop, an excellent second baseman, and an excellent center fielder. LA should resign Seager, but only on a team-friendly contract. Given his versatility and the excitement he brings to the game, LA should extend TT for the long-term.

  5. I loved watching Mookie last year. But to have an infield version of Mookie is incredible. We went from being station to station, to 2 dynamic baserunners/hitters by singing Trea. Win the WS and give Trea what he wants!! and hopefully Corey agrees to move the 3rd and take less than $300M

    1. probably right. but with a new bargaining agreement in the making for 2022, no telling how the market will be for Corey. At least with Trea we have him through 2022, assuming we play baseball.

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