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Dodgers: Trea Turner Knows That He is Not Doing Enough Right Now

It’s tough to watch a player of Trea Turner’s caliber struggle. Dodgers fans know that he is more than capable of coming up with big hits and making big plays in any scenario. But in their postseason run so far, he hasn’t been that guy. 

But things appear to be changing, not with just Turner, but the Dodgers approach overall. That was best demonstrated in the Game 5 win over the Giants this past week. Hitters started to shorten up and you could tell there was a change to their approach, dropping in line-drive singles down in the count. 

After Saturday night’s loss to the Braves. Trea spoke with the media about the change in his approach. One thing the Dodgers’ second baseman wants to do is to be more aggressive, all while continuing to be successful down in the count. 

I feel like I’ve not been doing enough. I’m not aggressive enough. I’m going to swing and miss sometimes, (but) I need to take those chances. I need to be aggressive. … The last five, six games I feel like I haven’t been aggressive enough.

Trea had gone 5-for-26 entering Game 1 of the NLCS. And even though some of his hits did not come in the biggest spots, you can tell there was an adjustment made. The Dodgers have to move on though, and they can really improve with Turner’s mindset. 

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As long as my process is good, my work’s good, my at-bats are what I want them to be, I can live with the outcome. You have to have a short memory in this game.

The Dodgers have Max Scherzer on the mound for Game 2 facing off against RHP Ian Anderson. Last time out, he shut down the Brewers for 5 solid innings of work. 

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  1. Trea has been overly aggressive at the plate during the playoffs. I’d like him to take more pitches, be patient and then swing away. Funny how he reminds me of the other Dodger SS, Corey!

    1. So far this postseason Dodgers NL batting champ has been looking like regular season Bellinger! When did they swap bats? Lol.

  2. With Pollock I knew we were in trouble, but Trea is right on Pollock’s heels for worst playoff performer ever! Really expected more from the reigning NL batting champ. Just because Freeman is struggling doesn’t mean you need to balance the scales.

    1. At least Freeman is swinging at strikes! Trea is swinging at pitches over a foot off the plate! Wtf?

      1. Correct, Trea is looking really bad. Has zero patience. He is swinging at everything including pitches that don’t appear to ever be in the strike zone or anywhere near it. Right now it doesn’t seem to matter who the pitcher is, he just looks over matched. For those of you who think that Freeman won’t turn it around, IMHO you are dead wrong. However, again it does not come down to just one guy not living up to their billing. How many times have we have a runner on third with less than 2 outs and NOTHING? Try a damn squeeze (though probably not CT3), if it doesn’t work it least the Braves will have to allow for the possibility and cause them to have to make a defensive adjustment which may result in a cheap hit, anything to get these guys going. Save for two games against the Gnats, they have had trouble hitting their way out of a wet paper bag beginning with the Cards.

        1. Harry, no argument about the RISP…absolutely atrocious offensive execution there. That being said, the defense was EVEN WORSE!

  3. I figured this series would go 7 games, so I didn’t take the Braves lightly, especially since they had the Dodgers on the ropes last season with the 3-1 lead in the NLCS.
    However, after the Dodgers huge, huge, feel-good, momentum-building win in Game 5 to wrap up the NLDS against the Giants, I didn’t expect them to be staring down the barrel of a Game 3 that is now an absolute must win game.
    Game 3 is essentially an elimination game, the Dodgers have to win it–didn’t see this coming, this early in the series.

    1. 1981 Dodgers were down 0-2 to the Yankees and won 4 straight. Stuff happens. Dodgers will still beat the Braves. That’s baseball.

    2. If the Dodgers were down 0-2 to Giants I’d be in full panic mode, against the Braves? Yawn.

  4. Scherzer says his arm is tired, felt dead tonight.
    Julio is tired and scheduled to start Game 4.
    In the post game interview Taylor just said:
    “We are tired and we just want to get home.”
    These are definitely not things you want to hear after just 2 games of the NLCS.
    The dudes are going to have to reset and ramp it back up, real, real quick.

    1. No doubt. Thank goodness Monday is an off day. But have to say that Pollock and Trea are playing like they are re-incarnations from the 1919 Black Sox! For those of you who don’t know your history…eight members (eight men out) were brought to trial and banned from baseball for life for purposely throwing the WS against the Cincinnati Reds that year.

      1. Additionally the eight were actually acquitted but still banned for life…the Houston Cheaters were found guilty and got off Scott-free! What an absolute tragedy! Shame on you Bob Manfred!

  5. Would someone remind Trea turner he’s the fastest man in the league and when the third basemen is playing on the outfield grass he’s just being given 1st base? Also pitches that hit the dirt a foot outside probably aren’t strikes.

  6. Of course, Trea Turner knows that he is not doing enough right now, especially at the plate. During regular season, it seemed as if TTurner usually managed to do well with a full count. Now he is striking out and not looking remotely locked in at the plate. Not sure what is going on with him but I want to see the regular season T. Turner make a comeback. T Turner knowing that he needs to do better and making the necessary changes to do better are 2 separate things. Come on, T. Turner I believe that you will show us what you can do with that bat during postseason, but now is a good time.

    1. Roberts moved him up to #2 in the
      order for one game & he had a couple
      hits. Not sure which MLB announcer said
      he shouldn’t be batting 3rd- only 1st or 2nd in
      their opinion. Let’s face it guys- lineup just isn’t
      as ‘dominant’ without Muncy! & perhaps if he’s in
      there- we don’t get a ‘scuffling’ JT!

  7. Doc should have left Blake in and passef
    D on Julio but poor hitting etc was blame
    Too many left on based
    No timely hitting which pitching cannot make up for
    And fielders not watching runners
    Backs to wall now
    Must do it at home or go home

  8. What happened to him? The fastest player on the planet isn’t playing like he won the batting title.

    1. Dodger Boy, the offense as a whole is doing what I was afraid of doing and is failing to show up in key situations. So it’s not all on Trea. But Robert’s pitching decisions so far in this NLCS are suspect at best. I hope I’m wrong but the Braves will end the Dodger season this week at DS. Oh and BTW, my guess is you’re 23 years old, which is cool, since ya said you were only 8 years old in 2006 when Dodgers hit those 4 consecutive HRS against Padres. Most associates at my gym are in your peer group and are very cool people.

  9. In 1935 I was born on Classon Avenue, one block from Right Field at Ebbets Field. I have enjoyed and suffered through 86 years of Dodger baseball from Jackie Robinson to the Boys of Summer, to Tommy Lasorda to Frank McCourt (sp). When the present group purchased the team, I looked forward to many years of great Dodger baseball. It certainly seemed that way until they decided that Roberts (claim to fame a single stolen base) was the man of the hour. What a mistake. I won’t go into all the goofs and guffaws involving him, but let it be said that with the powerhouse that the team has they should have walked away with the world series several years (in spite of Houston’s scandal). The only thing preventing that was the ignorance and stupidity of the manager, as well as the insistence of Friedman and company in keeping Roberts. I will never root against the Dodgers but I will never root FOR them as long as that boob is manager. I feel sorry for the players on the team who have suffered through his incompetence and did not take home the many trophies they should have. GET RID OPF THE BUM!!!

    1. Mr. Gans, did you enjoy the 1951, and 1962 MELTDOWNS by the Boys in Blue which allowed the hated Giants to take those pennants?? All the great Walter Alston did was lose 10 of the last 13 in ‘62 and then blow a 4-2 lead in the top of the 9th in game 3 of the tie-breaker against the Giants at The Ravine!

      Do I agree with all the moves Roberts makes? Heck no! But he has done ok so far in my book.

  10. I could be wrong but just seems the batting title champion, and fastest man in the league should be batting first. This way he is guaranteed most at bats, and no one is in front of him to slow him down. Distracts the pitcher when on base and batters behind him get better pitches to hit. It is pretty simple really, no need to overthink it.

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