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Dodgers: Trea Turner Most Impressed By LA Fans After the Trade

A lot has changed for Trea Turner since coming over to the Dodgers. Going from East Coast baseball to West Coast baseball is an entirely different lifestyle. But going to a place like Southern California after playing in DC is a totally different feel. 

And that’s no knock on Nationals fans. With the unpredictable weather of the East Coast and the underperformance of their team in 2021, it’s no wonder they averaged just over 18,000 fans per game. But even with early restrictions in Los Angeles, the Dodgers dominated attendance. 

And that has been the most impressive part for Turner since coming over. Talking with the media this week. Trea talked about how wild it is to see Dodgers fans literally everywhere the team goes. Even during away games. 

The amount of fans. The fans in Washington were great. Had a great time there, I loved it there, but going on the road and hearing a pretty decent portion of the crowd cheering for you is a little weird. …traveling to other stadiums and having a good portion rooting for you as opposed to against you. I think that’s one thing that kind of sticks out, but just fans in general playing at Dodger Stadium is unbelievable. Having 50,000 almost every single night, the energy is electric. 

And why shouldn’t Dodgers fans go crazy for Trea? After coming to Los Angeles, Turner slashed .338/.385/.565 with 10 homeruns to finish out the season. He stole 11 bases, scored 41 runs, knocked in 28 runs, and continues to push the envelope every time he touches the basepaths. 

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He’s a big reason why the Dodgers were able to finish the year as hot as they did. He also did all of that while learning a brand new position at second base. But anytime a player can put up a 2.5 bWAR in 52 games for a team, you can bet fans are going to go nuts for him. 

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  1. Trea has been nothing short of spectacular since coming over from the Nats. Let’s see something in the postseason though. First two games have been anything but spectacular. WC game, rally killing 3-2 count swing on ball 4 with the bases loaded? Could have salted that game away early! Game 1, couple of strikeouts chasing outside of the zone. Not impressed so far for the reigning NL batting champ. Let’s hope for a different result tonight. I’d be very surprised the Dodgers chase as much in game 2. If they do, it will be really big hole to dig out of.

  2. Boras lurking at Dodger Stadium and Seager as good as gone. Gotta sign Trea to a long term deal before preseason. He’s the whole package and hope he’s at shortstop for years to come in Dodger blue. Absolute must have!

    1. Bobby D, I agree, Yankees will have the Seager bros on the left side of their infield next year. They will sell a lot of tickets. But Trea better do better at the plate than his first two postseason games in Dodger blue. I expected much more from the reigning batting champ.

      1. ElysianPark, actually until last year’s unconscious MVP performance by Seager, he was a real postseason disappointment. In the 2017 WS vs the cheatstros he was downright awful. He had the hip surgery or something else in 2018 and the loser Machado didn’t do anything in 2018. I don’t recall him doing anything special in the 2019 loss vs the Nats. Just saying.

        1. You can’t criticize anything any of the Dodgers did during the 2017 WS….maaybe those games at Dodger stadium, but I give Seager a pass for that series. Who knows what may have really happened if those dbags didn’t cheat. The ripple effect is immeasureable.

  3. Trea Turner is a must sign. They should definitely extend him next year. I agree that Seager will end up on the East Coast and probably the Yankees.

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