Dodgers: Trea Turner Reacts to First Day Off of the Season

For the first time all season, Trea Turner was out of the Dodgers starting lineup on Friday night. With the recent bad injury news Los Angeles has dealt with, some fans were holding their breath waiting to hear if everything was okay.

Luckily, it wasn’t an injury, but something even more rare: a scheduled day off.

Trea took the decision from manager Dave Roberts with a smile on his face, perhaps the kind of smile you give an umpire who makes a call you didn’t love.

“He said, ‘How about an off-day tomorrow?’ And I said, ‘Are you benching me? If you’re benching me, alright, but I feel good and whatnot.’ He wouldn’t commit to the benching comment, so I’m just gonna go with that.”

Turner obviously wants to play, but he’s looking at it impartially and trying to recognize the wisdom in Roberts’ plan.

“I knew it was gonna come eventually. I fought him off for 125 games, so I knew it was gonna happen eventually. And you know, he’s probably right in the sense that it’s probably a good time. Like I said, I feel good, so I want to play, but it probably makes sense to take a quick breather and get back out there tomorrow.”

Until Friday, both Turner and Freddie Freeman had been in the starting lineup for each of the Dodgers’ first 130 games of the season. On Friday night, Freeman was still in there, even with Turner getting the night off. Reporters asked Trea if there’s a sense of pride that comes with playing every day.

“It’s a little bit of a pride thing, but it’s a little bit of what Freddie said. You know, this is what we get paid to do, we come, show up, and do our job. Some people are lucky enough to play every day, some people have different roles, and I think I’m lucky enough to get to play every day, so I try to take advantage of it. … He’s been trying to give Freddie [a day off] too, I know he’s been knocking on his door, but it’s on him. If he wants to play all of them, he can play all of them, but I know Doc’s gonna try to get him out of at least one, so we’ll see.”

As Turner said, he’ll surely be back in the lineup tomorrow, ready to help the Dodgers win some more games. But as we found out on Friday evening, he won’t be the first Dodger since Eric Karros in 1997 to start every game in a season.

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