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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Blasts MLB For Their Uniform Violation Notice

Trevor Bauer has been known to be vocal when he is displeased with how MLB is doing things. That was certainly the case when they decided to suspend Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly last year. Bauer has also talked about the Astros punishment and how the league handled it as well.

So when MLB sent him a warning letter for a uniform violation, Bauer’s reaction was not a surprise. He posted the letter on social media that reprimanded him for having his own logo on his uniform during a Dodgers Cactus League game. 

In his latest vlog, Bauer went off on MLB and how they treat their players. The Dodgers pitcher talked about branding and how the league wants players to market themselves, but oddly controls how they get to do that. 

It seems a little hypocritical that they would say “we want players to brand themselves” when in fact, the onus is on players to market themselves. And then “we’re not going to help you, and we’re also going to stop you from marketing yourself”. That seems really backward. So this is the first installment of Trevor Bauer fights with MLB over stupid uniform regulations. 

The best part about MLB’s letter is that they refer to Bauer’s logo as a corporate logo when it’s just his own brand. There is a slight possibility that the league confused it with a well-known headphone logo since they’re not big on details. The Dodgers have not commented on Bauer’s warning. 

Other Dodgers News

David Price talked about the possibility of starting the season in the Dodgers bullpen. When asked if he could be a high-leverage guy in relief, Price seemed confident in that role. Los Angeles could potentially flex him in and out of the bullpen to get him built up early on. 

The Dodgers have announced that there will be single-game ticket sales for the start of the 2021 season. They also made it clear that season ticket holders will not necessarily be a priority, which has some fans a little upset. 

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  1. It’s just Bauer being Bauer. Oh yeah and David Price needs to be in the starting rotation. He’s earned the spot based on his experience if nothing else.

  2. Trevor Bauer rocks. He challenges the hypocrisy of Manfred. And I love it. Keep up the good work Trevor. Don’t let anyone ever turn you into nonthinking zombie. Those guys are the real corporate clone yes men. I prefer guys who can think, and say what’s on their mind.

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