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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Fires Back After Mauricio Dubon Mocks Him

Despite Trevor Bauer not pitching in the entire Giants series, he still ended up being taunted. It’s an odd thing to taunt someone sitting on the bench when you took another pitcher deep, but Giants shortstop found a way to make it happen in the series win against the Dodgers. 

When Dubon his a 2-run shot off of Clayton Kershaw on Sunday, he stepped on home plate with Bauer’s sword celebration. That prompted a reaction all over the internet, and Bauer even had something to say after. The Dodgers pitcher sounds like he didn’t like someone else being mocked at his expense. 

Bauer also got some feedback from his former teammate Mike Clevinger. The Dodgers pitcher mentioned Fernando Tatis Jr, so naturally, Clevinger had to defend his guy. All in good fun…for now.

The Giants didn’t get a crack at Bauer during this series against the Dodgers, so maybe they were looking for any chance to get back at him. Bauer used the sword celebration after punching out a batter in San Francisco during the last series. He allowed 1 unearned run and threw a ton of pitches in that game. 

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But it’s over and done with, and the games between the Dodgers and Giants are going to be a lot of fun this year. The NL West is shaping up to be one of the best divisions in all of baseball, if not the best. 

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  1. Yeah the Division title should be quite a race between the Giants and Padres! Seriously though, I know they punked the Dodgers this weekend, but I still don’t see the Giants as having the horses to go strong for 162. The Dodgers just need to get into the playoffs. They know how to win it all.

  2. Sticky Fingers Trevor Kardashian would like batters to hit with one eye closed while he’s added 400 rpm or more to his illegal super substance pitches.Let’s go MLB,clean it up!

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