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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Open to the Electronic Strike Zone

MLB revealed on Thursday that they would be testing out a few rule changes at the minor league level. The Dodgers’ affiliates will deal with a few of these changes. One of those changes they won’t see though is an automated balls and strikes system. That is going to be used at the Low-A level in the Southeast region.

The idea of removing umpire error from the game entirely has been in the works for a long time. The most recent solution has obviously been the introduction of instant replay, which still isn’t 100 percent perfect. The Dodgers certainly know what it feels like to be on the wrong side of that. 

But the electronic strike zone might be something players are open to. When asked about the potential changes, Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer seemed more than open to the idea of it reaching the big leagues. 

I personally would like it, but I think hitters would hate it. I don’t know if the technology is there yet not. But I think there would be a lot more strikes called…there would be some oddities with it for sure. Against, I don’t really have a storng opinion on that one way or another. I can see it from both sides. 

Bauer also mentioned that the strike zone would have to be 3D rather than flat or one-dimensional. That would account for guys with being sweeping curveballs being able to catch the corner of the zone but not necessarily being in the zone when caught. The Dodgers have a few guys that would need that addition, Bauer included. 

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Realistically, the electronic strike zone is probably a long ways away from being Major League ready. But the idea has certainly picked up steam with pitchers around the league, and at least one Dodgers player is in favor. 

It will be interesting to see how it plays out and the minor league level this year and beyond. 

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  1. I agree, the electronic strike zone’s time has come. Watching on TV, it’s often difficult to see whether it’s a ball or strike. Occasionally, though, there is a top down shot of the ball as it crosses or doesn’t cross the plate. When that happens, often the pitch does not cross the plate. In some games, I’ve kept track. It’s not unusual for the umpire to call strikes that don’t cross the plate on a top view. I’d estimate they miss about 30%. I’ve noticed a wide variation, too, between good umps and bad umps. And when camera is facing the hitter standing in the batter’s box, they miss a lot that are too high or too low for strikes. I’d have to disagree with Bauer, though. I think they call more strikes that should be balls than balls that should be strikes.

    1. those inaccuracies are part of what makes the game perfect. At what point do they just stop actually playing and go pure Strat-o-Matic?

      1. There is NOTHING perfect about watching bad calls from a umpire.
        And having messing up both pitchers and batters.

        And, honestly, get OFF Bauer’s back. He’s is not mouthy, he is just willing to defend himself, you probably just don’t like his politics. so leave it out of the game.

  2. Sorry but Bauer needs to shut his hole and actually throw a few meaningful pitches for the Dodgers before his options mean squat.

    Yes, I don’t care for mouthy players who haven’t proven themselves. Well, not just ballplayers but in life to. A person needs to earn the right to run their mouth. Loved Reggie who talked a lot but the man proved himself constantly for a couple decades.

    Bauer needs to think about staying ‘small’ and delivering if he wants to say anything, be a rookie. Betts came with established pedigree and immediately started being a leader on the team…i know Bauer is said to fit the team’s new age pitching process but we have yet to see it in action when it counts. It’s fine if he sucks on the mound because crappy players and still understand the game it’s just so far Bauer is all mouth.

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