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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Rumored to Be Seeking $250 Million and Holding Out Hope for Los Angeles

The Trevor Bauer sweepstakes will be coming to an end in the next few weeks if all goes well. And if everything goes according to plan for Trevor Bauer, he will be getting a record-setting deal. As of right now, the Dodgers are still in the conversation as we close in on Spring Training. 

The biggest question surrounding Bauer is what sort of deal he is willing to take. Some argue that he would prefer an actual contender over any mega-deal, while others believe he is hoping to break the annual average record for a contract. The Dodgers could make 1 of those things happen with ease, and have shown in the past that they are willing to do so. 

The Athletic contends that the Mets, Angels, and Blue Jays are all more likely to land Trevor in free agency. That was the consensus among 23 agents they polled when asked where he would end up. But one agent that they talked to also thinks that Bauer and his agent Rachel Luba are holding out hope that the Dodgers want to sign him.

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In addition to that, one MLB agent said they believe Bauer and Luba are looking for a deal worth north of $250 million. If he is looking to break the annual average mark set by Gerrit Cole, that would amount to roughly 6-7 years, depending on the exact dollar amount. That length and amount is not necessarily typical of the Dodgers to spend on an arm. 

If Bauer were going to get a massive deal at any point in his career, it would be in 2021. The right-handed pitcher hasn’t exactly been the model of consistency throughout his career, so capitalizing on a Cy Young win is essential. Regardless, the general sense of MLB agents around the league seems to be that the Dodgers are on the fringe of teams likely to acquire Bauer. 

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  1. If the $250M is even close to being accurate, Bauer and his agent are so far out of reality that no team will sign him. He is expecting Gerrit Cole and Clayton Kershaw money when he hasn’t performed as well as the Cubs Kyle Hendricks, or Cleveland (now Mets) Carlos Carrasco. He isn’t coming to the LA Dodgers for that kind of deal; perhaps the Angels are crazy enough to make that kind of offer. Bauer and his agent apparently already living in la la fantasy land.

    1. Your case has been made and someone needs to do a drug test on his agents for mind altering drugs!

  2. If he wants to be in LA, he’ll need to go south a bit to the Angels. No way Friedman does that…

  3. I can see clearly LA “Bauer-ing’ out and more likely never even had a thought of ‘Bauer-ing’ in based on that amount.

  4. It’s nice that he wants to come to LA but the Dodgers aren’t going to pay anywhere near his price, if those numbers are accurate. Hard even to imagine they would spring for a huge bucks two or three year contract at this point. He’s not Cole and he’s not Harper. Someone will pay him $125 for five years, just not the Dodgers.

  5. A $250 MILLION plus deal? Nobody on earth can convince me Bauer and his agent are at all serious about this. This is not a rumor it’s a joke! Let’s see Dodgers take care of REAL roster needs, and we know what they are. And not in this galaxy exists a baseball team that will pony up that amount of money for Bauer.

    1. fake news, ask any greedbilly republican…. JUST TEASING but illustrating just how out of touch expecting $250M for not even a marginal career to date Cy Young or not…

  6. Are Bauer and his agent on crack? 250 million? Any team that gives him that number will deserve what they get!

  7. Bauer is obnoxious and full of hot air. He might be right for the Angels, not just are they desperate for pitching, but with Trout having zero personality, and the team painfully boring, perhaps a guy such as this will at least shake the tree.

  8. Good luck Trev. Those numbers are a nonstarter with the Dodgers both in terms of length and $, plus the fact that we don’t have a real need for SPs.

        1. True, but Taylor is just one player and Dodgers should fill Kike’s spot. Success last year was in part because of the depth the team had with more than just Taylor being there to fill positions as needed. Anyway Dodgers have already planned on obtaining an additional RHB.

          1. Just one player…?? Really?
            Rios plays 1st and 3rd.
            Muncy plays 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
            Smith plays catcher and 3rd.
            Barnes plays catcher and 2nd.
            Bellinger can play every outfield position and 1B.
            And on and on…….

  9. No team is going to give him what he wants. The Mets will probably give him a deal but it WILL NOT be more than DeGroms.

  10. Dodgers better not sign this clown Bauer for even half of that.
    Besides they already have enough starting pitchers on the roster.
    Give the kids a chance. They will be fine!
    Anyway I would have much rather had DJ LeMahieu at 100k for 5 years than Bauer.
    And even though Turner has been awesome for the Dodgers…
    a 4 year contract is way too long without the DH in the NL.
    I say platoon Will Smith and Edwin Ríos at 3rd and bring up Keibert Ruiz.

  11. $250 millin is nuts for an inconsistent pitcher that only plays every few days. They should have signed Realmuto if that kind of money is in the bank.

  12. Rios has shown decent leather and no one has to speak to the power in that bat! Given a
    chance to play regularly and a focus towards more consistent contact and he can develop into a true monster!

    1. that’s great if he’s been putting in the work on the glove. He clearly has the bat just needs to mature at the plate a bit and cut down the K’s. Not sure the philosophy is willing to accept a 150+ K/season rate.. just cut down 20-30 K’s and he’ll be a pretty complete player for years to come. thx for posting about the glove improving.

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