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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Says He Looks Forward to Playing in LA One day

Trevor Bauer is a name recognized around the league, and baseball fans have gotten to know him well. In the last year, he has gone from one of the most hated players on the internet to sort of a folk hero. Dodgers fans have always known him as a guy involved in their team’s trade rumors.

This week, Dodgers fans got a little bit of a nice surprise from Bauer. Doing live facetime calls with fans on his YouTube channel, Bauer talked to some fans about the possibility of playing in Los Angeles throughout his career.

I look forward to playing for the Dodgers one day. I grew up out in Valencia, so I’d love to come home.

Dodgers fans have always gone back and forth on whether they wanted Bauer on the team or not, but his past offseason may have cemented those feelings. Bauer came out strongly against the Astros even before they were caught in their cheating scandal. And lately, Bauer has once again won over the hearts of fans by fighting for the players in the debates with owners.

Bauer is currently on a one-year deal with the Reds, something that he has liked to do in his eight-year career. For all Dodgers fans wondering, yes, he has been decently effective in the playoffs as well. Bauer has a thrown a combined 26 innings in the playoffs, with a  3.81 earned run average.

Bauer’s best year by far came in 2017 when he went 12-6 and pitched to a 2.21 ERA with a sparkling 2.44 FIP.

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  1. 3.81 is not good in the playoffs it’s not even that good in the regular season. He’s had one good year and has been overhyped since. That being said I wouldn’t mind having him as a 5th starter if the Dodgers ever put together a legit playoff rotation he’d be a great 5 and he’s a local guy who wants to be here and has been a voice for fans

  2. The Dodgers ought to open the wallet as wide as possible and sign him to a multi-year deal like the Yankees did with Cole. He’s a perfect fit.

  3. He is not call now and never will be. He has a reputation of disrupting teams much like Puig. Dodgers don’t need him because we have three great starters Aaa

  4. I like his pitching, but I like his very outspoken comments about Scott Boras even more. Stick to representing your clients and leave the decision to play up to the MLBPA, the MLB owners and the Commissioner.

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