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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Slams Lame Unwritten Rule in Baseball

There are some unwritten rules in baseball that are just made to be broken. As much as baseball purists might not want to admit it, the game is just at a different place than it was 20 years ago. And that’s a good thing for growing the game. Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer certainly knows something about growing the game. 

As odd as he is, Bauer does want to see the game of baseball become more popular. So when an unwritten rule was broken this week, Bauer had something to say. The Dodgers pitcher chimed in on an odd scenario between the Twins and White Sox. 

The play in question was a 3-0 count swing from White Sox catcher Yermin Mercedes. With Chicago up a ton of runs and Minnesota throwing a position player on the mound, there were 3 people that were livid about the swing. One of them happened to be White Sox manager Tony La Russa, which caught the attention of the Dodgers’ Bauer

The idea that a batter should just stand up there and watch a 47 mph right down the middle is insane. Yes, you’re up a ton of runs and yes, you’re going to win. But why risk looking like a fool against a position player on the mound? Dodgers fans would almost 100 percent agree with the decision if it happened here. 

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The game of baseball is supposed to be fun. Homeruns are fun. Position players pitching in a blowout is still fun. Tony La Russa blasting his own players through the media is absolutely not fun. Can you imagine if Dave Roberts verbally attacked a Dodgers player via media? Fans would lose their minds. 

Make baseball fun, like it’s supposed to be. 

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  1. Hitting a home run off of pitchers that are using illegal sticky substance is very difficult.

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