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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Speaks Out on MLB’s Castellanos Suspension

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has a long history of being very open about his feelings of MLB’s decisions. He was one of the louder voices that stood up for Joe Kelly after his suspension for throwing at Astros hitters in 2020.

Bauer has also been vocal about MLB’s response to players trying to market themselves. Dodgers fans got to see that after he was issued a warning for wearing a logo on his uniform during a Cactus League game. 

Today, Bauer spoke up on the suspension of Nick Castellanos. Bauer was teammates with Castellanos in Cincinnati before signing with the Dodgers this offseason. He was just suspended for his part in a benches-clearing incident against the Cardinals. Bauer had a brief message about in on Twitter

MLBs note to players. Don’t get excited about big moments or play with intensity, we will fine you and suspend you if you do… #FreeNickCastellanos 

Castellanos was issued a 2-game suspension for standing over a Cardinals pitcher and shouting. That’s it. He shouted. No wonder why the Dodgers pitcher is annoyed with the decision by MLB to make him sit out 2 games without pay. 

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It all comes back to the leadership of the league, which is greatly lacking and that starts at the top with Rob Manfred. Dodgers fans had to witness it with the Astros punishment and with Joe Kelly over the last year. 

Something has to change, and soon. 

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  1. Think about this: because he scared a pitcher, Castellanos has been suspended for more games than all of the Astros players combined after they cheated their way to winning the World Series.

  2. Keep it up MLB and you’ll end up like the NBA and NFL begging your once loyal fans to come back.

  3. MLB H.O. and Manfred are a disservice to baseball in my view.

    The response to the *Astrics* cheating; the uninformed decision on the All-Star game (which I no longer intend to watch), the Castellanos suspension and on it goes.

    Manfred and the MLB H.O. have lost my respect and will probably never regain it. I plan no further purchases from the mlb site.

  4. How is it Yadier Molina shoved Nick Castellanos in the back while walking gets 2 game suspension and the culprit Yadier Molina gets a slap on the wrist? Yadier Molina is the one who should’ve been suspended not Castellanos. This is not … justice … this is a travesty of justice.

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