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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Top 5 in Early Cy Young Award Conversation

The Dodgers were taking a little bit of a gamble when they signed Trevor Bauer this past offseason. Signing anyone to a three-year and $102 million contract is risky, but there were several questions about Bauer. 

One of them was the accuracy of his track record. He won the NL Cy Young Award in 2020, but he also pitched strictly against the central divisions of baseball, which were not very good last year. But the Dodgers committed to him and it’s paying off big time. 

Bauer leads the National League with 77 punchouts in 2021. He’s also pitched to a 2.20 ERA and a very impressive 0.75 WHIP. That’s part of the reason that the Dodgers hurler is in the early conversation to win another Cy Young this year. 

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The latest update has Bauer at number 5 on the list of candidates to win the award. He hasn’t had the chance to pitch every 4th day as he had hoped, but he’s made the Dodgers a much better team overall. 

The only thing standing in his way at this point is a couple of really good arms. Yu Darvish, Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff, and Jacob deGrom rounded out the top of the candidates to win the award. Dodgers fans certainly know that deGrom has the potential to win it every year. The guy just flat out shoves every time he’s on the mound. 

But the one advantage that Bauer has over deGrom is health. The Mets pitcher has just 1 start in the month of May due to tightness in his side, so Bauer has pitched a lot more than him. Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler were also mentioned in the conversation. 

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  1. Why is there no mention of Julio Urias? He’s probably as good as Bauer if not better! He’s been nothing but lights out dating back to last year’s champion run. And he continues to go strong this year. I hope he continues pitching like this for the rest of the year. Maybe then he’ll get the consideration he’s owed.

  2. Fake Cy Young Sticky Fingers Bauer.Legit Cy Young pitchers Kershaw,Price and Valenzuela.
    Let’s clean up this STICKY MESS MLB!

    1. Why do you call him a fake Cy Young and Sticky Fingers? You have no proof of sticky fingers and he certainly won the Cy Young? They collected balls from all games this year and have you heard any accusations of Bauer having sticky fingers from the League? No, you have not! Stop calling him sticky fingers. FALSE ACCUSATIONS! You call yourself a Dodger fan? You are not.

  3. That’s garbage! All the Dodgers starting pitchers should be in the picture and former Dodger, Giants pitcher who we face tonight Alex Wood is 5-0 with a 1.75 ERA, so the list is too early and it’s garbage…… Brook don’t even waste your time with these lists! Lets talk how are we going to get healthy?

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