Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Unleashes on MLB, Everything You Need to Know About Baseball’s New Rules

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball issued a memo to all 30 teams detailing how it intends to enforce rules against pitchers using foreign substances to doctor baseballs.

We tell you everything you need to know about MLB’s memo and how it will impact the Dodgers. Next, Trevor Bauer responded to MLB’s memo on Twitter and as you might expect the reigning NL Cy Young award winner had some strong opinions on it.

Plus, is Trevor Bauer worth $40 million a year to the Dodgers without the use of foreign substances and how much blame should MLB get for this “sticky situation?”


To read more on this news, Brook Smith has you covered below.

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But in terms of the real effect that the rule enforcement and changes will have on baseball, look no further than the reaction around the league. Bauer went off. Today Dave Roberts called the move “reactive” over proactive pointing to the fact that the league would have implemented changes in the offseason instead of now.

Rays ace Tyler Glasnow suffered an elbow injury that puts his season in jeopardy and he points to the rules being enforced now instead of at a time where pitchers can train and adjust accordingly as causation for that injury.

What’s your take on this, Dodgers Nation? Did MLB fumble this or was this needed immediately?


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  1. Oh, oh. Sounds like the Dodgers wasted about 20-25 million on Bauer. Hey Trevor try shutting up and pitching like a Cy Young Award winner.
    Most pitchers are divas. They blame everything and everyone but themselves.

  2. Trevor Bauer gave an in depth interview on Access Dodgers w/ Jerry and Nomar; on how inept MLB (Manfred) came upon this decision and rushed it through. He also gave an intriguing solution in how MLB can prep the balls out of the box. J. Hair and Nomar were impressed. Check it out.

  3. I liked Bauer before the Dodgers got him, and I still do. Criticizing Manfred? That’s OK with me. Manfred is by far the worst commissioner in the history of baseball. As for Bauer’s pitching, we’ll see how he does. If you don’t like what Bauer says, don’t listen to him. But I like a guy a who speaks his mind, rather than repeating the same tired cliches.. LeBron should shut up. Bauer should say whatever he wants.

    • At first I was skeptical of the Dodgers getting him. Does he fit, his past antics, his Twitter bullying, his me first? But more I research and see his interviews, this guy is really smart and articulate in his ideas on everything. He seems to be getting along w/ the team and blending in w/ the culture. He wants to win a championship w/ the Dodgers as he grew up a Dodger. He’s struggling a little now, but I know he will also find it and turn it around like all great athletes do.

  4. I love all these comments. Everyone telling Bauer to shut up & pitch but I’m sure everyone of you will still chime in & cry about the Astros cheating. Same thing applies. Shut up & move on.

  5. If Bauer continues to pitch for the remainder of the season, as he has pitched in his last few starts, then he slots in as the Dodgers #4 Starter. Having Bauer as a #4 wouldn’t be bad, if he was getting paid 5-7m per year. If it turns out that the Dodgers are paying a #4 caliber Starter over 40m, then it’s a horrible “deal” for the Dodgers.
    Right now, Alex Wood and even 41 year old Rich Hill, who was named A.L. pitcher of the month for May, have equaled or exceeded Bauer’s recent “performances”.

    • MLB said in the offseason they would enforce the no foreign substance rule. The pitchers didn’t listen. They weren’t believers. They doubled down, going to spidertack from rosin and sunscreen.
      Then the slow moving bureaucracy finally got around to it. The pitchers still can’t believe it. They say It’s so unfair.
      Well developed arms, poorly developed ears.

  6. I think Trevor is good for baseball. He says what’s on his mine and will speak it too. None of these pitchers are dumb and are very aware of the rotation of the ball is critical. So starting today baseball will not allow sticky substances. Were watching everyone and if you did no more. Cold turkey. Yesterday relief pitcher for the Padres was having a hard time getting his hands out of back pockets. It was pretty obvious what he was doing. His hand stuck to his inside out pockets. He was pulled that inning my the fathers manager. Who saw it. I know the broadcaster saw it as they mentioned it. Good luck boys