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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s Administrative Leave Extended Again

Another day, another deadline push for Major League Baseball on the Trevor Bauer issue. The Dodgers pitcher has been on administrative leave since last Summer after a report came out about his encounter with a woman in Pasadena. The fanbase has been completely left in the dark about the next steps ever since then. 

Bauer’s administrative leave had already been extended again last week. But there were some rumors that he might consider exploring a loophole and showing up to the Dodgers game on Sunday afternoon. That never happened though. 

Now, reports are coming out that Bauer’s leave has once again been extended. That leave for him runs through April 29th, so another week for the Dodgers hurler. And at this point, there is no telling how long this could go on. We’re approaching one year since he was initially placed on leave, and the league is showing no signs of coming to a decision. 

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That does leave the Dodgers in a very tough spot. While he continues to be paid, the team has no idea where his future lies. If he were to be suspended, that would free them up to make decisions, possibly on the trade market. If he were to be able to play, then that’s another conversation they would have to explore. 

So overall, it’s a very complicated situation that has left everyone involved in a tough spot. The Dodgers will continue to play with him while the league drags its feet on a decision. 

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  1. One would be justified to think this lack of decision making is more about the Dodgers than Bauer.

  2. I’m surprised your fan base would want someone like that back in the organization. My bet is Bauer is suspended two years, canned by the dodgers and no team would ever sign him again in the majors due to the public backlash they would face, not to mention loss of corporate sponsors.

    the man is toxic.

    1. You don’t want him around,I don’t want him around and what is most important,the team already said that they don’t want him around!

      1. I want him around as does any reasonable, thinking human being who believes in freedom under the law.

    2. So someone ought to be denied the opportunity to work in their profession due to a personal kink? Interesting.

  3. Let’s ruin a man’s career. livelihood, and character for something that he isn’t guilty of. Yes, so Stalinesque, with a dab of Alynski and some splice of Adolf. Yes, the man is such a pirate and the MLB is soooooooooo morally astute………..

  4. Get rid of Baur now he is not doing th team any good at all and he is not a player for the Dodgers. He does not know how to play fair. all he wants to do is pitch and not play at bat.

    1. All he wants to do is pitch ??? That’s what team needs him to do. DH now in play. But this will only happen if/when pea brained MLB brass decide on a ruling for Bauer. C’mon man, get it done !

  5. Wally, they can’t make a ruling. Because ANY ruling they make other than ” Letting him Play” will result in a tremendous law suit that will probably end up in the Supreme Court since it’s in Calif. The publicity and focus that would bring to the Un Constitutional actions of the MLB isn’t in their best interests. This way they only have to pay him 32 Mill or so NOT to play. If they enforce anything on him and he isn’t guilty of anything. We’re talking Hundreds of Millions because Bauer and his lawyers are chomping at the bit thinking of it…

  6. look. they paid him. they need pitching. and he has a fresh arm. and roberts needs some fresh meat on the pitching staff to use and abuse. and bauer fits the bill perfectly while the dodgers regroup for the 2023 season. plus hes getting paid millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions more for sitting on his ass. hes gotta be loving it. he could care less as long as those free checks keep showing up.the dodgers have to get some kind of return on an investment that large. then by 2023 the extra year to get the pitching shored up theyd just owe bauer a paltry 17 million then they can reassess whether to release him or make a potential trade. and he may have some trade value at some point if hes playing. plus hed probably bring some excitement to the clubhouse.

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