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Dodgers: Tyler White Remains with Organization After DFA, Invited to Camp

Tyler White outrighted by the Dodgers today and invited to camp as a non-roster player. Just days ago, he was DFA’d by the Dodgers, and we thought he was gone for good.

What Does Outright Mean?

Baseball has some funny sounding terms to be sure. Outright means sending a player to the minors and removing him from the 40-man roster. So if anyone is worried that we picked up another player we cannot possibly use, he’s strictly for depth. He’s going to be participating as a non-roster player.

What Is The Point?

Organizational depth is always helpful, if for anything other than injuries. I don’t even want to type the sentence, but at the off-chance someone important gets hurt, a player with major league experience is nice to have. As for Tyler White’s performances, his 2018 is likely what caught the Dodgers eye in the first place. In 237 PA’s, he had an OPS+ of 140 and a wRC+ of 143. He hit the ball pretty hard. His 2019 was pretty abysmal, though.

As reported by Dodgers Nation back in November, Tyler White’s un-treated thyroid issue may have been the culprit. He had hit quite a large size and weight. Anybody who’s ever struggled with a thyroid issue knows these two are often related. I would not be surprised to see Tyler White tear the cover off the ball in the minors during the season this year.

AJ Gonzalez

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  1. 2017-18 inflated offensive stats due to Astros stealing signs, and playing home games in Astros home-field band box? Home and away splits for those 2 seasons compared to 2019 are pretty convincing that he was one of the players who benefited from both factors.

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