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Dodgers: Ugly Defensive Play Only Adds to A Bad Loss on Saturday Night

It’s been a while since we’ve had to say something negative about the Dodgers defensive play. While issues with the glove were part of the narrative for the first half of the season, they really seemed to get things together down the stretch. 

Then Saturday night happened. The Dodgers technically committed just 2 errors during their loss on Saturday, but that didn’t tell the whole story. In the bottom of the 4th, Justin Turner threw a ball away that resulted in a run scored. But miscues throughout the game also led to more runs being piled on. 

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts talked about the sloppy play. Doc didn’t sound very happy with the way the guys came out and executed, both with the bats and out on defense.

It wasn’t a well-played game tonight. I think tonight Gallen was just better than we were. I don’t know how else to spin it.

To his credit, Zac Gallen was pretty great against what is supposed to be a very good Dodgers lineup. He struck out 8 and allowed just 1 run on a late solo homerun from Trea Turner. But the defense made sure LA never had the chance to mount a comeback. 

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The timing absolutely could not have been worse for the Dodgers. With just 7 games left in the regular season, they now chase the Giants by 2 games in the NL West. The opportunity is there, but it’s going to take a lot of good play from their side, and some good luck. 

Clean it up, fellas. 

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  1. Horrible. The Cardinals are going to come to town and thump us right into the off-season. Time to cozy up to some Ram games. AFried, what are you going to do with this pathetic offense…you know, the one that Orel says is elite?

  2. Oh please! Gallen is just the latest in a long line of stiffs that the Dodgers pathetic offense turned into Cy Young.

    1. Agree. Dodgers just can’t score runs against the opponent’s starters. They can’t even get hits.

  3. Say it like it is ! Kershaw wasn’t pitching good don’t hide it. Dodgers have been committing errors all year long but Scherzer Urias and Buhlerhave dealt with this too. Kershaw sucked and will tell you same thing he wasn’t up to challenge.Only 7 games left Stupid Roberts needs to leave Barnes as the catcher for all 7 games he calls a game better with the best catchers in mlb sorry but Smith still learning and stupid roberts needs to play little ball and create runs can’t loose against the worst teams that’s embarrasing.A good game caller makes a lot of difference just look at wheeler he was mediocre with Mets but now is better with JT Realmuto catching him.

  4. We just punched our ticket to a one game wildcard playoff with the hottest team in baseball now, St Louis. 15 wins in a row for them. I am not excited at all and have MAJOR concerns about winning a 1 game playoff. And, even if we win the 1 game playoff we goto SF in a 5 game series. I absolutely dont think we can beat SF.

    Our team looks tired and lethargic. Our pitchers are also badly fatigued. 2020 was a nice season where we expected the Dodgers to win every game. We looked like a World Series team all year and it was exciting to watch LA every game. This year not nearly as dominant. Lets be honest here, we are not going to win a world series in 2021. We are not going to get to the NL championship series.

    Hopefully the 2022 version of the Dodgers is much better than the 2021 version. I have watched almost every single game the Dodgers have played on TV this season. I will not be watching the last 7 games of the season as they are meaningless because we are not going to catch the giants and win the division.

    1. ” even if we win the 1 game playoff we goto SF in a 5 game series. I absolutely dont think we can beat SF.”

      Especially after having to use our #1 pitcher just to GET to the SF series. Big disadvantage.

    2. And last year’s offense was better as I said it was at the start of this year because we had a DH last year that gave key players rest while keeping their bats in the lineup and when Barnes caught, Will Smith was a DH in middle of lineup. And MOST important IMHO was that having a DH saved Roberts from himself. Let’s hope we get the DH in the NL next year so it relieves Roberts from a lot of those in game decisions he has had problems with all year long this year.

      1. Roberts has had problems from the day he was announced as the Dodger manager. INEPT AND CLUELESS! Having the DH is certainly going to help, but Roberts needs to be removed from managerial duties. They can move him somewhere else within the organization, but NOT IN THE DUGOUT.

  5. Pretty sad and disheatenting effort by “Los Dodgers”. As I have told a friend before, the team needs to score at least five runs when Kershaw starts if they expect to win. Another game yesterday to prove that theory. And, as always, he proves he is The Master Of The First Pitch.

  6. The Dodger’s regular season record is almost meaningless, so too are the individual player stats. The only important factor is how ready and committed and intense is this club in the playoffs. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Cards or the Giants or the Mudville Nine, the Dodger’s vaunted paper potential either gets converted to on field performance or it doesn’t.

    Obviously, things inside the clubhouse and front office may be different than what we are seeing on the field, but the ONLY thing that matters is what is happening on the field.

    Roberts seems to be a blend of confusion and complacency. The club looks flat from top to bottom. Our 3 best starters last appearances looked underwhelming as well.

    Pick any analytics to make it all so it isn’t what were seeing, but it doesn’t matter. This club’s paper potential seems to have blown away into the stands with the first winds of Fall.

    “The future ain’t what it used to be.”
    Yogi Berra

    1. Off-season tweaks: 1) Find a durable #4 starter until May returns. 2) Dismiss Dave Robert’s, 3) Dismiss the hitting instructors, 4) Let an Icon like Kershaw walk, 5) Sign Scherzer and Trey long term, 6) Politely ask JTurn and Mookie Betts to return to themselves, 7) Find a leader that will instill a sense of urgency to the team from day one, 8) trash can the entitlement and arrogance.

      1. Agree with most of what you are saying, JMHO, but I don’t think you let Kershaw walk and Mookie is the most likely candidate as the team leader. If we can remember back, before he signed the new contract, the first thing he did was call a player’s only meeting. Took some testicles to do that on your first day in camp. If it bears out this off season that the NL DH becomes a reality, sit JT down and tell him he will most likely be the DH and sign Bryant to play third on a regular and the you can spot him with JT when Bryant needs a day or two off of his feet. One huge thing they need to do and I have posted this before is to tie up CT3 for the next 4 or 5 years. On your comment about the entitlement and arrogance, I completely agree. Again this is JMHO, but I believe they fell too much in love with their paper clippings, especially Roberts that they were set up to set every record known to man this season. Well, it certainly hasn’t worked out that way. I for one will never give up on the Dodgers and firmly believe they can get back to and win the World Series, GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This season has been completely mismanaged ALL year by Roberts ! All year team has been inconsistent, there is no team unity, any time we had momentum, Roberts found a way to kill it by lame moves, players “needing” rest, Playing people that should not be in the lineup, etc. In my eyes this season has been a waste of talent, mainly due to our so called leader, Roberts !

    1. I agree, Greg, and still yet DRRRRRRRR is itching to get Bellinger and his .159 BA back in the lineup. Dodgers are finished this year as far as I’m concerned because honestly with what we have seen there’s no way on earth that Dodgers will beat the Cards in that one and done game.

  8. When they get bounced by the cards I’ll be going for MIL in the NL. The only team I wouldn’t mind seeing have success besides us

  9. Anything can happen in a one game scenario. We haven’t lost to the cards yet and we can give the Giants a run head to head if we line up all the ducks between now and then. We’re not going to catch the Giants so we will try to back into the World Series…only works if Roberts makes it work.

    1. Like your positivity. I am with u there, but DRRRRR needs to put tío albert in against lefties. Just look at the stats compared to bellinger. Yeah i know bellinger does not play first anymore but move muncy to second and turner to CF.

  10. And with the pitiful offense and defense and loss to the worst team in the league, to a pitcher that lost all 7 of his home starts, a manager who has his head lost in the clouds, batting coaches who have proven this entire season that they are useless, it looks like the Dodgers will end up perhaps 4 games behind the Giants, who deserve to take it all and have played the entire season like a winning team should play. They failed to lose against the under .500 teams as the Dodgers have….what is left to say is that the Dodger’s chances of beating the Cards in the Wild Card game are slim as they have failed every time. Can’t say that history does not repeat itself.
    The best that can come out of this end of the season drought is that maybe Roberts and the coaches will be replaced with some new faces. Good Luck in keeping Scherzer if they lose in the playoffs. Say goodbye to Albert also. Time to get a new face at 3rd as well as getting rid of the child with the big head…Belli. The shaved head will not make any difference. He should stick to golfing where the ball stays in the same place. Anything that moves is trouble.

  11. I believe Roberts was mostly to blame for this loss. First, he left Kershaw in when it was clear he was not pitching well. Next, he didn’t start Pollock. Finally, when it looked like the Dodgers might have a chance at a rally, he chooses to put Pujols up with a man at first with one out instead of using Pollock. Any half-wit would understand that if Albert hits a ground ball the inning is over via the double play. He had Pollock on deck when he should have batted him ahead of Pujols to avoid killing the possible rally. Duh! What’s up Doc?

  12. And as usual, it was not a well-managed game either. Seems like Roberts gave up when he put Phillips in.

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