Dodgers Update: Mattingly Calls Out Puig on Injury, Ryu Actually Injured

The Dodgers are undefeated! They swept the Diamondbacks during the 2014 Opening Series in Australia this past weekend and came back with two wins. Feels great to say the Dodgers are the number one team in baseball right now, but it will be even sweeter to say come September. Here’s the update:

The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Yes, that’s the nickname Mattingly gave Puig after he complained of back pain from an awkward swing this weekend. First, his shoulder during spring, now his back and Mattingly is not too thrilled and spoke about the injury sarcastically. Puig is not scheduled for any MRI’s or bone scans, but Mattingly seems optimistic he will bounce back.  He seems fine to us though. After the team’s 15-hour flight home, he was spotted at a club by TMZ.

On the topic of injuries, we are currently on a Ryu toenail watch. The left-handed pitcher not only threw five scoreless innings with five strikeouts and allowed only two hits during Sunday’s game, but he also contributed offensively. According to Ken Gurnick of Dodgers.com, “Ryu split a toenail when slamming on the brakes after a late stop sign from third-base coach Lorenzo Bundy in the third inning of Sunday’s game.” As of now, the Dodgers are unsure if he will be able to make his next scheduled start in San Diego.

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