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Dodgers Update Outfield Seats and Dugouts For Social Distancing

The Dodgers have been slowly adding things in to the stadium outfield in hopes of making the batter’s eye more efficient. Players had complained about not being able to pick up the ball out of a pitcher‘s hand, so the team responded by covering seats.

The Dodgers took that another step further, utilizing the empty seats for advertising space. There is a Spectrum banner as well as a UCLA Health banner located in the seats adjacent to the batter’s eye in the left-center field pavilions now.

In addition to the covered seats in the outfield, the Dodgers also adjusted some seating near the dugouts for players. The covered seating expanded into the stands, allowing for players to socially distance themselves while they play at Dodger Stadium. These seats had previously not been set up, mostly because the team was able to utilize both dugouts. 

Dodger Stadium had undergone a $100 million renovation prior to what was supposed to be the start of the season in March. The completion of the renovations was taking a little longer than anticipated, and the chances that they would pour over into the season were fairly high. COVID-19 shut down the entire season resulting in the Dodgers finishing renovations fairly recently. 

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