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Dodgers Video: Kenley Jansen Works Out on Veterans Day at Chavez Ravine

First off, Happy Veterans Day! Second, we have some special video featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers’ closer Kenley Jansen getting in some work at Dodger Stadium on Monday.

Take a look at the video below from our official Dodgers Nation twitter account. Moreover, it appears that Jansen is treating the Monday holiday as a just another day of off-season work. Notably, Jansen is seen long-tossing to a throwing partner along the foul line.

While many of us had the day off work, it’s great to see Jansen in between the white lines and still working on his craft. Remember, the month of November for a baseball player is usually a time when most players mentally re-charge and do a family vacation to another country.

Still, that isn’t the case for Jansen. And perhaps this was done with purpose; so that Jansen could be seen by some on hand working out publicly.

Since he already said he won’t be opting out of his contract, Jansen will return in 2020 as the closer of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Also, this isn’t the first time since the season ended that Jansen was spotted at Dodger Stadium; which is really encouraging.

Finally, last we heard from president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman; it sounds like Jansen will get first bite at the apple closing in 2020. The veteran seems to know that the upcoming year is a pivotal one for him in terms of carving out his legacy.

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  1. Glad he is working on his conditioning and arm strength. He needs to find an off speed pitch like Baez. Hopefully he can get some mph and more importantly movement and control back with the cutter. He rarely has hit the catchers target this year or last.
    I still believe they need to find a left handed closer type pitcher. Perhaps Pomerance or Smith?

  2. I will go for Smith, as a setup/closer LHP. If Jansen gets back to be 90% of the pitcher he was from 2014-2016 the Dodgers will have a more solid and reliable 8 – 9 innings stretch. The other To Do for the Dogers´s FO is G.Cole and re-sign Ryu. It will cost $$ but the Dodgers has the best fan attendance in all baseball, so the revenue money is there.

  3. Wishing Jansen the best , but look at What is happening to Kershaw , is Jansen better than Kershaw ??? Jansen’s pitches have to be way more effective and consistent with location , I don’t see it happening, I give him credit though wishing him the best again , live batting in spring training will give some indication and the Dodgers need to let be honest with Jansen and themselves.

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