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Dodgers: Vin Scully on the Shocking Los Angeles NLDS Elimination

Whenever I get the opportunity to write about Vin Scully, I bask in the opportunity. Furthermore – if you have read our bios – you realize Scully is why I became a Dodgers’ fan as a kid.

Then, when I saw this Ross Porter tweet; I paused. Not only because any time I see anything in the press about Vin, but because he’s seen a lot of baseball. Undeniably, if he says it’s the first time he was shocked in watching the game; something very crippling went down.

Indeed, Scully told Ross Porter that the game five elimination of the Los Angeles Dodgers at the hands of the Washington Nationals left him stunned. Perhaps it was also the fashion it happened, with Clayton Kershaw allowing back-to-back home runs to allow Washington to tie the game. Remember, the Dodgers needed only six more outs to advance.

Here’s what the great one had to say:

“I was in total shock. I can’t remember when I was that shocked.”

Obviously, that was a top-five loss all-time in my lifetime. While I told that to several friends, I tried to think about if that was really true; or was I simply overreacting in the moment. Without question, seeing that Scully had this reaction to the game makes me realize I’m not crazy.

Though I have seen about half the amount of baseball that Scully has seen in his wonderful lifetime, this was confirmation that we all just took a gut punch at the hands of the Nationals.

Finally, it’s still really cool to know that the former voice of the Dodgers stays up with us; likely hanging on every pitch. He’s still out there – taking in this sometimes wonderful and cruel game – experiencing all the high’s and low’s.

I would like to think Scully calling the action of game five would have softened the blow. However, it was such a tough loss; I know nothing could have escaped us from this pain.

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  1. Ownership chose to remain under the salary cap rather than address the necessary bullpen needs at the trade deadline. It is obvious that return on investment for the ownership group takes priority over winning a championship. That is why it takes an individual owner who loves the Dodgers with a winning at any cost attitude (i.e. the Yankees) rather than an investment group ownership.

  2. Pretty amazing coming from Vin as he’s usually silent. I would love to hear his real take on Roberts and the FO. I think Vin would tell us what Lasorda would have done is some spots. For example with Hill in 18, Tommy would have made him stay on the mound and had words of confidence like he gave to Bull Dog Hershisher. He would have looked into Darvish’s eyes in WS of 17, pitching game 7 and pulled him immediately or not pitched him at all. Tommy certainly would not have babied Jansen for 2 years. In other words….We need a new Manager as step 1.

  3. The saddest image I saw during Wednesday night’s loss was after Howie Kendrick hit that grand slam, we started seeing fans walking out of the seats toward the exit. Most of those fans were the blue collar Latino workers that make their living with hard labor. They went to the game paying those outrageously over-priced tickets with their hard earned paychecks, yet the Dodgers lay an egg on their face. And every freaking year the Dodgers raise ticket price and concessions, if you want to buy an authentic replica jersey of your favorite player it will cost you $120. I went to one game this year couldn’t find parking cause I got there late, this punk at preferred parking charged me $50 so I can get in the game on time. I don’t know of any other entertainment venue in the world that charges patron $50 for parking. Did I complain? No, I went ahead a pay for the $50 parking. Because as loyal Dodgers fans we never complain about paying for the game.

    But not anymore. Enough is enough, this Dodgers Guggenheim Group need to sign top dollar for the best players this offseason to get the team over the hump, go over the salary cap and pay the luxury tax penalty (because those money came from the fans) or else Dodgers fans must boycott all ticket prices and advertisers.

    1. Well said Matt. It was us fans that drove Mc”Fraud” out the door and it’s time for the fan base to start putting the pressure on current ownership. We pay outrageous prices to attend a baseball game and have to be stuck eating a $6.50 hot dog that you can get at an AM/PM station for way less. $5.00 for a bottle of water? It always amazes me when I see fans wasting their hard earned dollars on the most over priced crap food. But back to baseball…shows us you really care and sign Cole and bring in some new blood to this offense, that can’t hit in postseason….it has now failed the past 3 years. The Yankees continue to always stack their lineup and could be on their way to a WS title. But no matter what you do this off season, we will still have Robert’s there to screw it up again in the postseason. You just had your chance to dump him and he’s coming back, especially with so many better choices available right now

  4. Many who know me understand I am lifelong Dodger fan. They have chimed in after the brutal exit wanting my opinion. Of course, what’s done is done. Kershaw got Eaton on 3 pitches for the last out….so Roberts was compelled to have him start the 8th. My irritation is why he didn’t throw those hitters curves or off-speed (tho he started Rendon with a curve that was a ball), as at worse he would have walked the runners, instead of offering center-cut fastballs/sliders which Rendon & Soto deposited for HR’s.

    Otherwise, it was a true gut-punch which we brought on ourselves by not executing in the 3rd, 4th & 5th with a runner in scoring position. Finally, at the same time I can hear management saying why are we whining when the team led the national league with the most wins????

  5. Yeah. Most wins and most homeruns ever for the Dodgers. As of yet, they don’t offer rings for that.

    This next season, instead of the constant repeat of the Gibson’s 1988 homerun on the video screen, show a montage of all the 2019 post-season strikeouts with RISP. Make sure the players can see that every game day.

  6. God bless Vin Scully, who deserves to see another WS title. Hang in there, Vin.
    Freidman et. al. just hang yourselves!

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