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Dodgers Visit Saugus High School In Santa Clarita

The Dodgers took time to visit Saugus High School during their 17th annual community service week, also known as “The Dodgers Love L.A.”

The visit gave the students and local first responders a day of joy after the deadly shooting on November 14th. The shooting killed three students, and injured two others. It shook the community, leaving these young students with a lot of trauma.

A Day With The Dodgers

As reported by CBS LA, the Dodgers surprised the students by playing games, and allowing the students to meet the players. Among the games of “The Oreo Challenge,” and “Finish The Lyrics,” the students really seemed to enjoy the fun.

The team presented Saugus High School with a check worth $5,000. Afterwards, the Dodgers went to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station for a lunch with first responders who reported to the school shooting.

Levity In The Midst of The Worst of Life

It matters not the age, a shooting that took the lives of two students and injured three more would shake up anyone. That the victims were children in High School makes it an unbearable tragedy. There is nothing that can undo the sadness, terror, and violence. While the community and the kids try to move on, meeting the Dodgers most certainly could give a few smiles and laughs for a few hours to the community. In a world where tragedies like this happen, a few hours of levity is the greatest gift one can give. The Dodgers were able to do that on this January day.

The Dodgers community tour hits Dodger Stadium next for the 8th annual FanFest.


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