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Dodgers: Vote Now to Get Your Favorite Players to the 2021 MLB All-Star Game

The 2021 All-Star Game voting has officially opened. And the Dodgers need your help to get our guys out to Colorado this Summer to represent Los Angeels. Who are you voting for to make the NL squad this year?

The Dodgers have a few guys that look to be clear-cut favorites to make the team. Chris Taylor and Max Muncy are playing out of their minds at the moment and have a good shot at being starters for the National League team.

Dodgers fans looking to vote can do so here. The voting has 2 phases this year with the first consisting of voting daily for your favorites. After that, the top 3 players at each position per league, plus 9 outfielders will advance to the final week of voting to decide who starts where.

The 2021 MLB All-Star Game will be held at Coors Field in Colorado this year. This comes just a few months after a controversial voting law passed in Georgia forced the game out of Atlanta. The Dodgers appear poised to have several players represent Los Angeles, both on offense and with their pitching. 

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Trevor Bauer appears to have a decent shot at making it as one of the starters for the Dodgers. In fact, pretty much everyone in the starting rotation should at least be in the conversation. Kenley Jansen has a good chance of making his 4th All-Star Game as well with the year he is having. 

Don’t forget to vote, and vote often! 

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  1. Do not vote for Dodgers players.
    Instead, allow them the few days off to refresh, and recuperate from the wear and tear on their systems.
    The World Series is the goal, and the mid-season break can be used to our advantage.

  2. Wow!!! Brian Kenny on MLB NOW and guest pundits gave a awesome breakdown and analysis of CT3 comparing his productions to stars of other positions on each of the 6 positions he has played. He ranks in the top 5 of various stats of all the positions he has played. His growth from the 2017-19 to 2020-21 is so phenomenal the guys on the show were so infatuated with his play. All-Star CHRIS TAYLOR, it might take away his rest time, but he deserves the notoriety of a very unique player. Dodgers extend him now before it’s too late!!!

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