Dodgers vs Astros: Players Sound Off After Awkward Sign Stealing Apology

So, it’s been a weird time between the Dodgers and Astros after the revelation of Houston’s cheating. Most recently, the two sides have exchanged back and forths over the scandal.

It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between these two teams at this point in time.

First, two leaders in the LA clubhouse called out the comments made by the Astros during their awkward apology press conference.

Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Slams Astros Punishment, Weighs Levels of Cheating

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Calls Out Ignorant Astros’ Owner

From one MVP to another, Cody Ballgame let it all out against the ‘Stros, and Jose Altuve in particular.

Dodgers Slugger Cody Bellinger Alludes to Buzzer System for 2019 Astros

But Astro shortstop Carlos Correa wasn’t having it.

Dodgers: Astros’ Carlos Correa Claps Back at Cody Bellinger’s Comments

Then he doubled down on the assertation that Houston earned its title fair and square.

Dodgers: Carlos Correa Points Towards 2017 World Series Clean Win and Bellinger Error

Let’s not let the teams and players have all the fun… outside sources got in on action as well.

Dodgers: Local LA TV Broadcast Burns Altuve in Astros Apology

Dodgers: Restaurant Chain Blindsides Houston Astros With Epic Cheating Tweet

For many fans, the Astros stuff not going away continues to be a forever gut punch.

Dodgers: The Astros Attempted Apology Only Pours Salt in Wounds

Back to the team, many players — including several Dodgers — have spoken out about on Houston batters watching their backs in 2020… or their ribs, rather.

Dodgers: Cody Bellinger, Ross Stripling, and Alex Wood Talk Beaning Astros Batters

The commissioner made it known during a 45-minute one-on-one with ESPN that bean balls will not be tolerated.

And finally, one of our favorites, Yu Darvish chimed in on the Dodgers vs Astros situation.

Dodgers: Yu Darvish Defends Bellinger, Says Astros Should Stop Talking Right Now


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