Dodgers vs. Giants Matchup: What Should LA Look Out For?

Starting today, the Dodgers will be facing the overall best team in the MLB at the moment. That’s right, once again there will be a Dodgers vs. Giants series. With everything that the Dodgers have been through in the month of May, they will have to put their all into these upcoming games. 

For many fans, it seems surprising to watch the Giants find their way to the top, so let’s talk about it. 

The starting rotation has been exceptional for the Giants. In fact, with a 2.56 ERA, it’s been the best in baseball. Right-hander Kevin Gausman, the ace for San Fransisco has had an incredible year so far. Gausman has had an ERA of 1.66 throughout 59.2 innings pitched. It’s safe to say that those numbers will help any team win.

Luckily, the Dodgers will miss Gausman in this series. But the same can’t be said for former Dodger Alex Wood.

Woody has been lights out in 2021 with an ERA of 1.75 through 36 innings pitched. The left-hander was, of course, part of the Dodgers’ success in the postseason last year and picked up key innings in the World Series.

In addition to the Giants rotation is reliever Tyler Rodgers, who has an ERA of 0.73 throughout his last 24 innings pitched. Granted as a reliever he does not often pitch more than one inning.  

Moving onto the Giants lineup, a resurgent Buster Posey has been seeing the ball very well. With his batting average of .362, he’s one of the better hitters in the game in 2021. The long-time Giant star is proving that even after years of injuries, he still has a lot in him. Brandon Crawford and Evan Longoria are also providing timely hitting and run production for a San Fransisco offense that is fourth in the National League in OPS.

The Giants are hot and it does not look like they plan on cooling off anytime soon. The Dodgers pitching is going to have to come in clutch this weekend. The Giants batters will do anything they can to get on base.

These are all going to be things the Dodgers will need to prepare for. Not only will the Dodgers defense need to be at the top of its game, but the Dodgers pitching rotation is going to have to get the best of these batters. 

All in all, there is a reason the Giants are doing so well and it is crucial that the Dodgers do everything they can to be one step ahead of them. 

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    1. How in the world is Alex Wood 5-0 with a 1.75 ERA? Is this the same Alex Wood that we had? Twice? This is the most surprising thing in baseball this season. I’m happy for him, but kind of in a state of disbelief.

  1. The giants hitters are just trying to put the ball in play without aiming for the fence. It was pathetic last nite- even though they won- that the dodgers struck out so many times against a grade b pitcher. Watch Pujols approach when he has 2 strikes on him. All he wants to do is make contact with the ball.

  2. I have my concerns. Yes the Dodgers swept the lowly Diamonbacks. But the last couple of games were not impressive as we struggled to score runs and struck out too much against a last place team. Last nights game was hard to watch. I hate to say it, but watching Turner struggle is tough. Mookie looks like he has aged a few years since last year. He is slower and he looks lost at the plate.

    Where as last year you expected the Dodgers to compete and win most of their games with confidence, this year does not feel anything like that. I sure hope I am wrong, but I am concerned that LA is going to get manhandled in SF this weekend. Yes our starting pitching is lights out. My issue is that you need to score runs to win ballgames and not leave runners stranded in scoring position for 9 innings. Over the last month plus (with the exception of a couple of games), we dont take advantage of brining home runners in scoring position. Particularly when we have a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs.

  3. This is baseball at it’s best. The Dodgers and Giants will play meaningful games to augment the rivalry. It’s been a long time since that happened. I don’t think the Giants are for real long term, but they’re hot right now. I’ve always liked Posey, and he’s killing it right now. Hopefully the Dodgers will be on top of the division by the end of Sunday.

    1. I completely agree and do not believe that the Giants are going to be long-term successful. With that being said, we can shut them up, this week, anyways, by taking the series. Our true contenders are the Padres, period. I will be optimistic that with a healthy team we can still remain, albeit barely, as the Division champs and more.

  4. Wood is lights out right now and I know he’ll be trouble for Dodgers who have a terrible time hitting LH pitching. I don’t know what’s bothering JT but he is not all there since last wk. when he KO’d 4 times….. missing centercut pitches, not hustling, and questionable defense. Try moving him down to 6th and move CT3 up to 3rd in the order…. JT has been unproductive w/ runners on base recently. Also for tonight against Wood put Barnes @ 2nd….. another RH bat and Austin knowing what Wood has can maybe play w/ Wood’s head, and put CT3 in left, better than playing Neuse or Peters in the line-up. Albert @ 1st , Muncy @ 2nd, and Will catching should put the best RH against Wood. IMHO.

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