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Dodgers: Walker Buehler Achieves History In Clinch Performance

You heard the news – the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched their seventh straight NL West title on Tuesday night in Baltimore. Furthermore, another historic feat was accomplished by a Dodgers’ player.

Indeed, Walker Buehler is the player this time around. While Buehler improved to 13-3 on the season with the win, so much more took place. The young phenom went 7 innings and allowed just 4 hits. Moreover, he struck out 11 Orioles and walked no one.

Therefore, that history part we were talking about. This is via the great account Stats by STATS on twitter:

Within the clinching game, Buehler had double-digit strikeouts and no walks. If it seems like that has been a trend when Buehler has been ‘on’, you’re not mistaken. Furthermore, that was the fifth time he’s done that this season in a start. Stay with me here, because that is the first time an MLB pitcher 25 or younger has done that in a regular season since 1920. Buehler surpassed Matt Harvey who accomplished this in 2013.

Finally, if you remember back to game 163 of 2018 when Buehler was dominant in another clinch; the guy is building a pretty good reputation as a big game hunter at a young age.

Obviously, with health and continued hard work; Buehler is going to go on to accomplish amazing things in the game of baseball. This feat, combined with all of the other great things we will see Buehler do; should all be remembered.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a very special young pitcher in Walker Buehler, and we should appreciate him at every chance we get to do so. Now, he’s a member of the history books and a 2019 NL West Champion; all in a night’s work.

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  1. I was confused by your semi-colon use in paragraph 6; a straight comma would’ve worked fine. Do you think Buehler would’ve thrown a semi-colon in that situation? Not bloody likely!

  2. Hey Clint………..That is what I love the most about watching Buehler’s starts……..he doesn’t walk anybody. Truly amazing when you consider he is only 25 years old AND it’s only his SECOND season in the Dodgers major league rotation! The Dodgers are lucky to have so many young players enjoying so many career successes right out of the box.

  3. I like the comparison of Walker Buehler to Matt Harvey, if Buehler is projected in similar career path as Harvey, after his third year, which is next year, he should start going on a sharp decline.

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