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Dodgers: Walker Buehler Congratulates 2021 Cy Young Winners

The NL Cy Young award was announced on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it didn’t go to any of the three deserving Dodgers starters. Julio Urias finished eighth, Walker Buehler fourth, and Max Scherzer third. Milwaukee Brewers starter Corbin Burnes took home the hardware.

Walker Buehler is as competitive as they come. Buehler is also a professional. The 27-year-old took to Twitter to congratulate both Burnes and the AL winner, Blue Jays lefty, and one-time Dodger killer, Robbie Ray.

Entering September, Buehler owned a spectacular 2.05 ERA and a 0.915 WHIP. At the time, he was considered the favorite to take home the Cy Young. He lead the MLB in ERA and was a key piece on one of the best clubs in baseball.

Then, September happened.

One could argue Buehler’s two worst starts came in the final full month of the season.

First, a Sunday Night baseball meltdown against the Giants (6 ER in 3.0 IP). Disastrous primetime starts don’t help any pitcher’s cause with voters who can’t watch every single game of every single contender.

Second, the annual Buehler Coors Field catastrophe (5 ER in 3.2 IP).  All in, Buehler recorded a 4.83 ERA in his final six starts of the season.

To be fair, his 207.2 IP far exceeded his previous career high of 182.1. Fatigue played a role, but it’s something that every pitcher has to deal with.

Buehler didn’t win it this year, but it would be a shock to everyone if he isn’t the one receiving Cy Young congratulatory tweets in the years to come.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. Three out of the top 8 Cy Young Award honorees in one starting rotation is great. How often has this been done before? Resign Scherzer to keep it that way, resign Kershaw and hope for 100 innings from him, and sign either Glusman or Robbie Ray or Rodon as the 5th member of the rotation. (6) Heaney, (7) Gonsolin, (8) Price, are MLB-experienced backups. (9) Mitchell White and (10) Andre Jackson are backups with a little MLB experience. (11) Dustin May might be back in September. (12) One out of the several starting pitchers in the minors might be a possible emergency starter after the All-Star break. So sign Scherzer, Kershaw and one of Gausman, Ray or Rodon. Watch everybody’s innings. Throw regularly scheduled bullpen games the day before a day off, a few times. The bullpen is strong and deep enough to handle this and manipulate the Injured List, as they have been doing lately.

  2. Actually, I was surprised at the Cy Young outcome. I fully expected Walker to be at least a spot higher. And Maybe #1
    Here is why:
    WAR: :#1 Wheeler,#2 Buehler,#3 Scherzer,#4Woodruff
    ERA: #1 Burnes,#2 Scherzer,#3 Buehler#4 Woodruff
    Wins: #1 Urias,#2 Wainright, #3 Buehler,#4 Scherzer
    WL % #1 Urias,#2 Buehler, #3 Scherzer,#4 Wainright
    WHIP #1 Scherzer,#2 Burnes,#3 Woodruff,#4 Buehler
    SO #1 Wheeler,#2 Scherzer #3 Burnes, #4 Gausman

    For the sake of argument, anyone who shows up TWICE in these categories will get a 4 for the ones in which he does not appear. The lowest number wins.
    Scherzer 17
    Burnes 18
    Buehler 18
    Wheeler 18
    There are your top 4. Take into account Burnes pitching 30+ innings less than any of them. And Wheeler with a lot more K’s (an out is an out)
    Scherzer #1 Buehler #2

  3. Sorry, Urias also 18. So top 5. So he should also be up there. But still think Scherzer #1, Buehler #2. Urias no worse than 5.

  4. This is how you know the Writers are really dumb, screwed up people. Garnering 5th place was a pitcher with a 9 – 10 wL record.
    Burnes and Wheeler won less than half the games they pitched.
    Max won 63% of the games he pitched in after being traded (7 in 11), and never lost in a Dodgers uniform.
    Meanwhile, Urias wins 20 of his 32 starts, making him the sole money in the bank pitcher for the entire MLB. Gets only tied for 7th.

    In #FIREDAVEROBERTS news, clueless Doc only got 6 vote points for NL MOTY.
    106 wins, and EVERYONE knows it wasn’t him. But hey let’s keep him.

  5. Watching the playoffs the Dodgers bench looked extremely poor-3-4 players batting around .150, Souza, McKinney, McKinsey and a aging superstar Pujois, who can hit anything low or outside, it was sad to watch him flair away and missing pitches. Lux needs to be given a full shot at second, he has proven stats in the minors, hitting and fielding well, so Roberts puts him in center field where. He never played before!!!

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