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Dodgers: Walker Buehler Gives His Take on the Justin Turner Situation

You won’t be able to talk about the Dodgers World Series without talking about Justin Turner, at least for the next few weeks. After the Los Angeles third baseman tested positive for COVID-19 and still was spotted on the field taking pictures, the media and public backlash almost took away from the team ending a championship drought. 

Walker Buehler was one of those guys on the field during the celebration. He made an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show to talk about the experience, and how the other Dodgers players were handling it. For Walker, he just couldn’t see a situation where a player couldn’t celebrate their hard work. 

I think it’s very very crazy for somebody to say ‘listen if I was on a World Series team and this and this happened and I believe I wouldn’t have gone out and gotten a picture with the trophy and with the team’. It’s obviously something that all of us and Justin have worked our entire lives for and for a lot fo guys it’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment…obviously, we’re going to support him. 

As for Justin Turner and his health, Buehler was also able to give a few updates. The Dodgers infielder is feeling fine and is symptom-free so far. 

The word that we’ve gotten is that he’s symptom-free and feeling good and healthy. And obviously excited with what we have accomplished, I know he wasn’t out there in the last out. And again, kind of always going to be a hyper-critical situation just because the stage and the magnitude of playing in the World Series. All reports to us are that he’s healthy and feeling good. 

However you feel about it, it happened, and there’s nothing that can be done about it at this point. Turner and the Dodgers might see some sort of punishment from the league and hopefully, everyone who came in contact stays healthy. 

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  1. This is so totally crazy. He was in the bubble with everyone. On the bench the entire game up to the time they took him out. Part of the time he was standing right next to Roberts. Why because the test came back positive does he suddenly becomes “Typhoid Mary” If it is a true positive test everyone was already exposed. Chances are it was a misread test. Give the guy a break, he deserves to celebrate the victory with the rest of the team..

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

    1. Exactly. This 2020 America is full of pu**ies. Now I’m not saying the Virus isn’t serious but Justin Turner was not even suppose to make the MLB let alone the World Series. The man was hit in the face with a baseball and broke his ankle in the same play in college almost ending his career before his slim chance started. Then was dropped my the little brothers of New York. Picked up on the practice Squad of Los Angeles. Busted his A** to make the team and through it all won a World Series. Celebrate Young Man. Enjoy the moment. And let all those loser who wish they could accomplish something great in their lives gripe about it.

  2. The sob made me realize that when it comes right down to it a trophy means nothing to me compared to the life of even one human being. And since I now realize that mlb and the players don’t give s***, I’m moving on. I’ve been a lifelong dodger fan, and if the league doesn’t suspend him for at least a year and the dodgers resign him, I’m don’t wth mlb. So, thanks turner, for allowing me to come to my senses.

    1. Gee, I’m sure the Dodgers and their MILLIONS of fans will be devastated by your departure.

    2. Adios dingbat. Go straight to h e double crooked letter. Justin Turner is the heart and soul of the Dodgers.

  3. He’s an ass. Millions of fans watched the game at home on TV or radio and wanted to attend functions and events to celebrate this victory but they realized their greater responsibility was to public health and minimizing the risk of transmitting or contracting a disease that has killed over 230,000 people. To put his self serving needs over the concern for teammates, families, parents and children just means that he and the organization placed a priority on short term self gratification over longer greater good. Security and MLB should have taken him off the field and if I am a teammate I would have knocked his ass to the ground and dragged him out.

    1. the Millions of others didn’t accomplish what he had…Everybody he was around he had been around for the past 5-6 hours at a minimum… and as EVERYONE including JT was symptom-free there is NO way he caught it during that time. More than likely a false positive anyways.

    2. oh pleazzzzze. dodgers and staff were around him all day and the day before. healthy people do not die of covid. stop listening to the news. and no way would you ever be a teammate because you aren’t resilient enough.

    3. You do realize more people die from obesity and the flu every year right? It has worked his entire life for that moment and frankly no one on his team had a problem with anything he did. So what’s the issue?

      1. You’re wrong about the flu…in the last 25 years, the highest death total (without anyone wearing a mask) was around 61,000…we passed that a LONG time ago WITH most intelligent people wearing masks. Imagine if no one ever wore a mask how many would have died…get your facts straight. And obesity is not contagious…although stupidity is.

  4. My take, everyone is looking at the Justin Turner, Covid 19, issue wrong from a fans wife is and has been a registered nurse for more than 50 years…the team has been intermingling with Justin for days up until the 8 inning of game 6…he may have shown positive at that time but he was contagious from 2-4 days prior to the announcement…at the point of the celebration it was too late, any damage that could have been done could have happened the 2-4 days prior to the celebration. Not necessarily on game 6 inning number 8—The M L B commissioner and anyone else should have known this..had they done their research….it was too little to late…..Go Dodgers

    1. I will assume that your facts are true. He caught the virus sometime before he tested positive, maybe 2-4 days, and could have begun spreading it then. Nobody knew he tested positive until the middle of the game, and from the time the team was notified he should’ve been placed in quarantine, away from all players and personnel, except the trainers. He damned-well should’ve known what was expected of him, being an adult, and a team leader, a veteran, and author of the proactive team rules for Covid-19 protocols, over and above league guidelines. Every person he shook hands with, hugged, talked to face to face was exposed to varying degrees, and some were likely infected. Just because we haven’t heard of any others testing positive doesn’t say anything. The Dodgers won’t announce anybody testing positive without the players’ consent, and I don’t believe they will give that consent.

  5. Michael berry and esr you are definitely allowed to have your opinions. I respect that. However I agree with George and some of the others. Unfortunately I think the damage was already done as far as possible exposure to his team mates as well as ump’s, tampa players, etc…
    I don’t disagree with him coming back out. I do definitely think he should of been smarter and kept the mask on and kept distance from others as well as possible…even if in the big picture it really didn’t matter at that point. He just made it even easier to be a target by removing it. I think he’s still a class guy. And it’s always easy to have an opinion until your put into those shoes and that situation. You may stand by your convictions or might rethink your stance.

  6. I wonder how opinions would change if high-risk Roberts contracted COVID and died, or came within an inch of his life?

    1. i think dave roberts is in charge of his own health and was seen taking pictures with JT. has covid hurt any professional athlete?

  7. Here’s were Turner messed up. He expressed sadness in not being able to celebrate. Then went out to celebrate. He went against his own word. Lost credibility. But if you’re gonna go out there. Wear a dang mask and a face shield or something. Show some respect. I’m a Dodgers fan. But this was a total sour note. But also seems to be a security issue. His clearance should have been revoked. So it falls on them too. But what Turner did was disrespectful. He should publicly apologize and even further he should donate money or resources to medical projects.

  8. Wow what’s the deal here MLB gives test results before the game begins ? a multibillion dollar industry cannot come up with test results until the 8th inning. where does the responsibility start ? he received an inconclusive the day before he should have never returned to play till they were sure what his test results were, Look i’m a hardcore Dodger fan been around for 40 years he’s my daughters favorite player yes she has a 200 dollar turner jersey but come on how can we not have these test results come back before game play ? the responsibility belongs to everyone MLB, LAB,DODGERS,AND
    JUSTIN TURNER. He should have stayed in the bubble or celebrated in center field 20 feet away from everybody and got that team photo when they were all home or better yet photoshoped him into the picture i mean what would people be saying had he done just that what would our narrative be then?

  9. Dave Roberts is immuno-compromised due to cancer, so it will be a very serious matter if he’s got it.

  10. I concur with what Marilyn Krell and George said so I won’t repeat it, but I will say what is with all the name calling?

  11. False positives are well above the 50 50 mark and the test is not even created for the particular virus. Also health, wellness, lock down, en caged for the glory of a sport for 64 days and then playoffs is a fantastic accomplishment and , May I say, with the history of cheating in the American League why was he the only player with a positive, and discovered during the game unlike the rest of the players, for any other reason then to try and disrupt the clubhouse. World Champs Los Angeles Dodgers are!!! so celebrate.. Cheers friends. Best season ever all around.

  12. ^^^ THIS

    By the point he was pulled, the damage was done, if there was damage to be done through him.

    The media and others on the field knew the risks. Assume that everyone around you has the virus. If you can still stomach leaving the house then you should mentally be OK when you learn that someone you were in contact with had the virus.

    Otherwise, stay home.

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