Dodgers: Walker Buehler Has a Funny Mini Meltdown on Instagram

Late Wednesday night, it’s safe to say that it was indeed “Buehler’s day on” for the Dodgers ace. Walker Buehler took to Instagram do something he rarely does… Post.

In fact, he posted several great images during a mini meltdown on IG. What was he melting down about? He was bored.

Ok, meltdown might be a strong word, but his short rant of tweets was surely entertaining. Moreover, it featured a side of the Buehldog not often seen by the public.

Dude’s got jokes.

Appreciate the love shown for teammate and veteran Clayton Kershaw.

Speaking of teammates, Joc Pederson checked in on Walker in the comments asking him to “lay off the whiskey guy geez”. Buehler had displayed a care package of several bottles of booze from one of his favorite purveyors just a day prior on his IG story.

Through it all, thankfully young master Buehler is fine and dandy. He’s just all of us… He wants baseball to be happening.

Thanks for sharing your rage with us, Walker!

Clint Pasillas

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