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Dodgers: Walker Buehler Reveals One Astros Player He Gets Compared To

The Dodgers’ young flamethrower Walker Buehler made an appearance on a Kentucky high school sports podcast this week. The Lexington native went to school as Henry Clay High and is one of the city’s most beloved athletes. 

In the interview, Buehler talks about everything from his days at Vanderbilt to his Major League Debut with the Dodgers. One interesting part in the interview came when Williams Warfield asked a player that Walker most often gets compared to. The answer might irk Los Angeles fans a bit. 

My grandfather was from Maryland, Michigan and was a big Tigers fan so, I think the Verlander thing has kinda floated around. And my delivery is pretty similar and I don’t really think that’s by accident. I still enjoy watching him pitch a lot.. it’s pretty crazy after all the innings and years and years that he’s still throwing the way that he’s throwing. 

In looking at the delivery styles and mechanics, it’s hard to ignore. Verlander is a little bit bigger of a build though, at six-foot-five and 225 pounds. Walker stands about six-foot-two and 185 pounds. Dodgers fans often compare the kid to Orel Hershiser, a Dodger legend and guy with a similar build when he was pitching. But Walker wonders if the comparison would have ever been made if not for landing in Los Angeles. 

Buehler’s answer might not make Dodgers fans too happy, due to the recent history with the Astros. Houston was caught in that huge cheating scandal that essentially robbed Los Angeles of a World Series title, so right now might be a bad time to compare yourself to their ace. 

Buehler made his big league debut with the Dodgers back in 2017 after being drafted out of Vanderbilt in 2015.

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  1. Yep, Verlander irks me. But Walker will never really be like Verlander because I can not envision Walker Buehler strutting around acting cocky because his teammates, and by association he, cheat their way to a World Series title. Walker was brought up better than that and he realizes that he is a role model for children who love the game.

    The Astros are the BlackSox of the 21st century, and everyone from that team that cheated, or knew about the cheating, should be banned for life. But, money talks louder than morality and it will never happen.

    Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be a nice ceremony in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium where the “piece of metal” was dragged around the parking lot behind “George Costanza’s” car, and presented to the Astro’s team and owner, as a symbol of their 2017 World Series “win.”

  2. Cannot agree more. Money Trumping Morality, the new norm in society today. It’s just scary.

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