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Dodgers: Walker Buehler Seen as a ‘Next Level’ Pitcher by MLB Analyst

The future seems to have finally arrived for the Dodgers, as Walker Buehler has firmly cemented himself as the ace of this pitching staff.

This is no knock on Clayton Kershaw, especially after an unbelievable start in Game 1 of the World Series. He is still one of the league’s best in his own right, but when you think of who you would hand the ball to in the big moment, the answer has now become Buehler.

You can come up with numerous reasons as to why this is the case if you really tried. He throws 98. He always pitches with a chip on his shoulder. He’s just really, really talented. But the best answer?

He’s just a next level kind of guy.

As everyone looks ahead to game 3, the debate has come down to Charlie Morton versus Walker Buehler. Both pitchers have had some success, but MLB Network’s Dan Plesac just can’t stop raving about Buehler and his skill set.

He showed his hand [against the Braves] that he’s a next-level kind of guy. He rose to the occasion and started bringing the noise.

I’m not sure where Plesac has been the past few seasons, but this is the Buehler that all Dodgers fans love and that all others fear. When the stakes are at their highest, his intensity goes to a different level and it makes him a nightmare to face.

Considering that he is still dealing with lingering blister issues, Buehler has been terrific throughout these playoffs. With 29 strikeouts in only 19 innings, his fastball is playing up and will need to stay that way against a Rays offense that feasts on any other type of pitch.

Many fans had their eyes on a sweep after LA’s victory in game one, but in reality, this series will be hard fought until the end. After all, these were the two best teams all season long for a reason. If the Dodgers are to take control of the season once more, it will more than likely be because of another gem by one Mr. Walker Anthony Buehler.

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