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Dodgers: Watch Kenley Jansen Cross Up His Wife on the Basketball Court

File this one away under ‘things I never thought I would see’. If you’ve ever wondered if the Dodgers’ Kenley Jansen‘s basketball game is as good as his shoe game, you’re in luck. The Air Jordan extraordinaire is serving up broken ankles all over the hardwood. 

Jansen posted on his Instagram earlier on Memorial Day, and we’re so glad he did. The Dodgers’ closer was challenged by his wife Gianni to a game of basketball, and Kenley did not disappoint.

Just to be clear, we would much rather have Kenley locking down saves than taking free throws for the Lakers. Although, he certainly has the height for it. Nevertheless, it’s good to see the big guy having fun an enjoying himself. 

Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts talked about Kenley this week with The LA Times in regard to his heart condition. While Kenley is not at any additional risk for the virus, Roberts described him as a caged lion and that he is ready to go. 

We’re ready too Kenley, we’re ready too. 

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