Dodgers: Watch Matt Beaty’s Close Call After Hitting a Big Home Run

Dodgers fans are all too familiar with odd base-running blunders on home runs this year. It seems like that trend is following the team all year long. It started on Opening Day in Colorado when Cody Bellinger was called out after hitting a home run and running past his teammate. 

More recently, the Dodgers caught a big break when Pirates’ third baseman Ke’bryan Hayes missed first base. Hayes was called out after review and Walker Buehler walked away from that outing without giving up a run. 

On Sunday morning in DC, the Dodgers had another close call. Matt Beaty blasted a ball into center field off of Nationals’ starter Joe Ross in the 4th inning. As he rounded the bases to tie the game, Beaty went back to first base to make sure that he touched it. 

That home run was Beaty‘s 4th of the year and his 28th run driven in for the Dodgers. All of that has come in a limited role with Beaty having right around 150 plate appearances. He’s proven to be a huge bat off of Dave Roberts’ bench in 2021. 

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After the game, we got the explanation of what happened straight from Matt via his wife Jesica.

But it’s a really good thing that he was conscious enough to go back and touch the bag just to be safe. Dodgers fans certainly don’t ever want to see a home run called off because of a baserunning blunder ever again. We’ve seen enough of that! 

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