Dodgers: Watch Mookie Betts Play Catch With a Young Fan

They say a million monkeys on a million typewriters for a million years would at some point reproduce the works of Shakespeare, but I don’t think even those million monkeys would be able to write anything bad about Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts.

The latest example of Mookie being just the absolute best came on Monday evening, when a Dodger fan sitting behind right field in Milwaukee’s American Family Field held up a simple sign that asked Betts a simple question: “Mookie, wanna play catch?”

Of course Mookie wants to play catch, kid!

It’s not the first time Betts has had a cool interaction with a fan in right field in a visiting stadium in the Midwest. Last year, Reds outfielder TJ Friedl hit a home run against the Dodgers in Cincinnati for his first career hit. Betts knew Friedl had debuted the day before and hadn’t gotten a hit, so he was immediately aware it was a ball that would be very important to Friedl. Mookie communicated with the fan, asking for the ball for Friedl and promising to get him another ball. When the fan didn’t hesitate, Betts decided to do something a little better than a replacement ball.

“Those types of interactions are everlasting,” Betts said after the Friedl experience, recalling his last conversation with Kobe Bryant.

The fan in Cincinnati walked away with an autographed Mookie Betts bat last year. Yesterday, a young Dodger fan in Milwaukee got to play catch with one of the best players in baseball (and he even got on TV doing it).

Mookie Betts understands the importance of what he does and who he is, and he’s always on the lookout to make someone’s life a little better.

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