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Dodgers Were Serious Finalists For Juan Soto But Fell Short

The Dodgers didn’t do a whole lot at the trade deadline this year. They landed Joey Gallo in a deal and sent off a few guys that didn’t have much of a postseason roster chance. Jake Lamb was dealt to the Mariners for cash and Mitch White went to the Blue Jays for a pair of minor leaguers. 

As it turns out, the Dodgers might have been a little more active than many thought. The report is that they were very much in on Juan Soto, and they could have ended up being one of the finalists to trade for the former Nationals superstar.

What package they offered might never be known. But the Padres offered one heck of a deal, trading away 2 former number one prospects as well as a current number 1. At the very least, you would have to think Gavin Lux, Diego Cartaya,  and a combination of a few other top prospects would’ve been gone. 

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The Dodgers are hoping to get Chris Taylor back relatively soon. While they do have some rookies getting the job done, adding CT3 back into the mix will be huge for them. Taylor played in a rehab game this week and crushed a pair of homeruns for the Oklahoma City team.

There are a few reasons why Dodgers fans should feel very good about the Joey Gallo trade. For one, getting a player out of New York is sure to be good for mental health. But the peripheral numbers suggest that Gallo is just a small adjustment away from locking in. 

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  1. As a Dodger fan for 70+ years I am pleased that we did NOT sell the farm for Soto. Team chemistry and the talent in the current system far exceed his long term value. Don

  2. Not a fan of Taylor and his close 40% SO rate. If the rookies keep producing go with them but Roberts has a problem playing rookies over veterans. See Muncie/Bellinger for example.

    1. Muncie has been hitting of late. Avg. doesn’t always give you what’s happening but his defense needs to pick it up. Belling has been hitting only a little bit of what we need from him but his defense is always top notch. Because of the big lead Roberts can afford to see who plays the best the final month before making the playoff roster. He definitely needs to give time to these rookies to play and make their case.

      1. What’s wired about the Soto to the Dodgers trade talk is we would be giving up supposedly another young catcher a middle infielder we need and young starting pitching we really need

  3. Just call it a lucky break. Really didn’t need Soto with present team makeup. This may make Pads stronger but not better than LA. They traded away their farm system and emptied their fat wallets.

  4. Between the two trades the Padres made, they gave up 9 of their top 15 prospects. Unbelievable. And to think that Soto will join the Dodgers in a couple years anyway, and the Pads will be right back fighting for 2nd place for the next 10 years….

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