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Dodgers: What Albert Pujols Said to Walker Buehler in the Dugout on Monday Night

All eyes were on Albert Pujols in Los Angeles on Monday night. Getting his first start with the Dodgers, Pujols had cameras on him with basically every move he made. It turns out he’s a pretty fun guy to watch. 

Pujols was seen in the dugout talking to pretty much everyone on the team. He talked to Dodgers veterans, chatted it up with some of the younger guys, took part in the celebrations, and just looked like he was having a great time. 

But the moment that Dodgers fans were most interested in came with a starting pitcher. After a rocky 4th inning, Pujols was in the dugout chatting it up with Walker Buehler. The 2 went back and forth for a little while before Buehler went out to bat.

Naturally, Dodgers fans wanted to know what was said in that conversation. It’s not often that you see a player bold enough to talk to a pitcher in the middle of his start. Pujols talked about that conversation after the game. 

I think sometimes those innings like that … you can easily get a little bit mad and just kind of let that inning go away. He made some amazing pitches and I was just telling him, ‘Hey, great job. You made some really mature pitches. You didn’t let the moment take you out of control and you came back and struck out that guy and then finished up the inning.’

Buehler issued 3 walks that inning but came back to punch out Nick Ahmed. He followed that up by getting Tim Locastro to fly out and end the inning. The newest Dodgers first baseman was obviously impressed. 

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Talk about making an impact on a clubhouse immediately. The Dodgers are going to be better with Pujols there, regardless of the playing time he receives. 

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  1. Not only does he bring wisdom to the team,but with that he carry a super human being ,in regards to off the field, he brings along the chemistry which reflects on every person on the team . He’ll have an effect on them as to say LIGHT UP THEN SHINE TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD. The energy is off the hook with Albert smiling, fun days ahead attitude. man r we lucky. Welcome change, good things happen

  2. Albert Pujols is the consummate player, teacher, mentor, and a smile that lights up all those around him. What a brilliant acquisition. He is this and more as expressed by his young Angels friend Trout.

  3. We were at the game on Monday and the presence of Pujols was in the air. Every time he came up to bat, the crowd was insane. The look on the kids faces was priceless when they talked about Pujols and I was in awe just to know that this Legend was now in blue, and looked good in it. Welcome to the real Los Angeles team Albert, enjoy the love of our fans and being a Dodger. We will enjoy you and the memories you make here.

  4. They signed Pujols as a player-coach as much as a fill-in first baseman. Players can benefit from the advice of a sure-thing hall of famer! In his, first, two games, Pujols has two RBIs. A decent start. I want to watch Pujols pass “roid-rager” A-Rod on the career home runs list!!!

  5. I live in Springfield, Illinois and have bled the Dodger Blue my entire life! Being so close to St. Louis I naturally have to listen to Cards fans and have done so for many excruciating years. I was blessed to see Albert play many games in St. Louis over the years but I am certainly looking forward to seeing him wearing that Blue when he comes to town. Poetic justice will ring when his bat punches the very team that let him go initially, right in the mouth and I will absolutely enjoy every excruciating moment for them!! Go Blue and welcome Albert to a club who appreciates greatness!!

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