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Dodgers: What Kind Of Contract Could Chris Taylor Get?

Chris Taylor is officially a free agent. Everyone’s favorite polite boy could command a nice contract in the offseason, CBA dependent of course. What kind of contract, though? How much?

Jeff Passan Gives His Thoughts

In an ESPN piece, Jeff Passan pondered what Taylor’s potential new contract would look like.

“Taylor was outstanding for the Dodgers in October, his 1.202 OPS second only behind Kiké Hernandez’s 1.260. He’s potentially in line for a Ben Zobrist-type deal.”
Zobrist signed a four-year deal with the Chicago Cubs way back in the 2015 offseason. That deal was worth $56 million. In 2021, the Dodgers would almost certainly pay that for Chris Taylor. That’d equal to about $14 million a season. The problem with that is it’s 2021, and Chris Taylor is actually not Ben Zobrist.

Taylor Made

From a numbers comparison, it checks out. Zobrist’s few seasons before his four-year contract were a little better with the bat than Taylor overall. The difference is Taylor can play almost any position on the field at an elite level. Zobrist was no defensive slouch and could play multiple positions, but Taylor’s glove is a cut above Zobrist. Both are players whose offensive production seems to jump in the postseason, however, and both have a penchant for big at-bats.

It’s hard to tell whether the Dodgers will pursue keeping Taylor. The Dodgers have the depth around to fill his spot, and the Dodgers are also known not to be emotional in terms of signing extra players in spots they have covered. Taylor would be a big piece for LA, however. Players like AJ Pollock, Justin Turner are known to miss time, and Taylor could laudably play either of their positions with plus defense.

This offseason could be absolute chaos.

AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. Yeah, we saw how that vaunted Dodger “depth” worked out this past season. Pretty much no one stepped up to replace Hernandez’ lost contributions. Without Taylor, it would have been ugly. So, are we sure the not ready for big time players are ready this next year?

  2. The Dodgers DO NOT,I repeat DO NOT have the depth anywhere close to replacing Taylor and if they let him walk they deserve to falter next year. They couldn’t replace Kike or Joc and they sure as heck won’t be able to replace CT3!! McKinstry? McKinney? Don’t make me laugh!

  3. McKinstry was having a hell of a start before his injury and never quite recovered performance wise. Time in AAA and rest could possibly do a world of wonder for him

    1. yes that’s right. Dodgers started the season 15-5 and a lot of that was due to McKinstry. His injury, Belli’s, Corey’s and others were just too much to overcome in the playoffs. McKinstry can get it together and be ready for ST in 2022.

      1. Let’s see– Luke Raley, Billy McKinney, Andy Burns, Sheldon Neuse, DJ Peters–yeah they were great fill in players. I bet their combined BA was less than .200. No– the writer has this wrong. Taylor is a HUGE necessity for us. Fills in with elite speed, elite fielding and good hitting with a little pop. And he covers SIX positions well. Not saying that one of those minor league players won’t one day be an excellent utility; but right now–not close

  4. Taylor is a must sign, period! I love McKinstry but he should be thought of as “in addition to CT3” not in lieu of. Players like Zach and Rios are ready to evolve to the next step…they are not ready to REPLACE anyone yet and may never be.
    If you are ready to speculate, consider that Zach may have more to offer than Lux…but that too is yet to be proven. If I have my facts straight (?), Mckinstry’s best position is second base. Anyone care to speculate why we don’t see him there much?

  5. Chris Taylor is a ballplayer. Pure and simple. The Dodgers keep telling us how valuable he is to the team. Let’s see if they “put their money where their mouth is” to repeat that old adage.

  6. Competition throws as many lefty starters that they can dig up against us for good reason. Mookie mediocre lately, JT showing signs of slipping, Smith and AJ hot and cold. Who else? Gotta sign Trea and keep CT. Would love to get Castellanos since he opted out with the Reds. They sign him, trade Belli before Mr .162 makes another appearance
    Big off season for boy genius Andy. His track record prior to opening the check book for Mookie was atrocious. Dumpster diving, inking medical rehab projects and other brilliant moves like trading a 19 year old Yordan Alvarez to the Astros for one Josh Fields. Look up all his moves since ‘14. Scary bad!

    1. bob – Andrew built the team to how many WS in the last 5 years? More than any other team in MLB – you know that. Belli was the 2nd best hitter on the Dodgers this postseason. CT3 came up big and he will be re-signed. and what you call dumpster diving led to the best bullpen in MLB this year. Oh by the way, only 1 other team won more games than the Dodgers this year. Can’t win 106 games if your GM isn’t fantastic. C’mon man!

  7. Hard to say which way to go with all the injuries this past year. I think the expression that most applies is that Taylor was a “gamer.” I like that. I would therefore try to go more than half way on paying Taylor.

  8. I agree the Lil Mc’s are at best triple A players. They make more potholes in the batting order than the highways of west virginia. It looks like Kike was the real deal given enough playing time. Joc looked awful against good pitching in the Dodgers series. Taking Taylor out of LA is like Doc draining the oil from the crankcase. I’d like to see Beatty get more time. He can hit if they don’t pinch hit every other week.

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