Dodgers: What Ross Stripling Would Do As MLB Commissioner

Ross Stripling might be one of the best players in baseball in terms of figuring out ways to market himself while he is still playing. The Dodgers’ pitcher is well-known for making appearances all over media, including his own podcast. 

Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser know this, so his answer to what he would do as commissioner of baseball should come as no surprise. The Dodgers’ broadcast duo asked Chicken Strip that question on their podcast this week. 

I’m definitely on the side of making baseball come into the new age of sorts…which is putting microphones on guys, more access to guys…I think that we’re struggling to keep Gen Z interested in that they’re just not gonna sit and watch a four-hour baseball game like our generation and the generations before us…letting players show their personalities. 

MLB has long tried to stress the importance of cutting down the average time of a baseball game. Pitch clocks, roster limitations, batter’s box rules, and many others have all helped speed up the game, at least ever so slightly. But the Dodgers’ pitcher also knows that there are some aspects that might slow things down. 

I like that replay is in there, I wish you could speed it up…The automated strike zone is that about- man I just love baseball for the human element and that’s the strike zone. 

The replay system utilized by the MLB is certainly not fast, given that the average replay takes about two minutes off of the clock. Stripling understands that baseball is struggling to reach out to the younger generations and that keeping it entertaining is a must for getting fans in seats. Personally, I nominate Strip as MLB commissioner, at least he will know how to market Mike Trout and the best players in the game. 

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  1. Commercials take up to six minutes per inning or 54 minutes a game;’ that’s where the problem is.

    1. Quite correct. One time I was checking out the results of the 1960 WS. I noticed they listed the times of games. Only one game lasted over 3 hours. It was the 16-3 game was done in 3:14. Game 7, 10-9 score, 9 pitchers used, and was done in 2:36. During the lastest WS, where they do the stand up for cancer (nice gesture), full set of commercials were still run. I timed it. From the last out of the innning to the next pitch, it was 5 minutes.

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