Dodgers: Where Were You For Clayton Kershaw’s No-Hitter?

Five years ago today was a game no Dodger fan will ever forget: Clayton Kershaw’s historically dominant no-hitter. As such, it’s a game you’ll never forget where you were as it unfolded moment for moment.

In addition to my This Day in Dodgers History recap, I asked the denizens of Dodgers Twitter to share their stories of Kershaw’s no-hitter. Whether at the stadium, at home or out on the ocean, Dodgers Nation lived it in every way possible.

Some were fortunate enough to be among the 46,069 in attendance:

Of course, not everyone could be nestled in a yellow seat at Dodger Stadium. Vin Scully made everyone feel like they were there in person:

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Games like this are the dream of anyone who covers baseball for a living, and the lucky few writers present for this one were especially grateful:

As the no-no was against the Colorado Rockies, being in proximity to Denver was a way to witness the magic:

Others had prior entertainment plans, but didn’t let them get in the way of following the action:

Unfortunately, some plans got in the way:

Given the worldwide presence of the Dodgers fanbase, there were those who, no matter how far away, found a way to stay tuned:

Of course, there were loved ones who weren’t present for this historic game. At least, not physically:

How about you, readers? What’s your memory and/or story of Kershaw’s finest hour? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Where was I? I was stuck listening to it on the freakin radio because of Dodgers greed. I was able to catch the last out on mlb channel. I’ve since caved into getting crappy time Warner service just to see them on tv

  2. Fortunately MLB Network brought over the last 3-4 innings live – game was not scheduled to be on that night – I live in Wilmington, DE and have been a Dodger fan since ‘57 – I have the entire game on DVD – bought it on the internet – have seen quite a few no hitters on TV and I must say that this one was probably the most dominating one I ever saw – should have been a perfecto, but we have Hanley Ramirez to thank for that.

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