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Dodgers: Where Would Los Angeles Be Without AJ Pollock?

The Dodgers could have been in a very tough spot this season without AJ Pollock. Always a little underrated by the fanbase, Pollock has been a model of consistency for most of the year. He also was in the lineup daily when the team went through a wild series of injuries to position players. 

His catch that robbed Manny Machado on Tuesday night in San Diego was just the latest big moment for Pollock. He also drove in a pair of runs in the top of the 7th inning that proved to be huge when the Padres hit a late homerun. The Dodgers would go on to win 5-2. Pollock followed that up with a game-winning shot in extras on Wednesday. 

After Tuesday’s game, Dave Roberts spoke about the value of Pollock and what he’s meant to the Dodgers this year. Doc went as far as to say that AJ might be playing as well as anyone around the league since the All-Star break. 

I think since the break he’s played as good baseball as anybody. Hitting right-handers, left-handers, playing really good defense, being dynamic on the bases. He’s slugging but he can down shift and get a base hit when we need it. …When some guys are going and running a little bit cold, he’s been picking everybody up and been one of our most consistent performers in the second half.

Since the break, Pollock is slashing .363/.403/.524 with a .927 OPS in 33 games. He’s also driven in 20 runs and continues to draw walks at a decent rate. Playing like this, he is easily the early candidate for the Dodgers’ second-half MVP.

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So give the man the respect that he deseveres. The Dodgers might not be nearly as close to the Giants as they are right now without the help of AJ in there on a near-daily basis. 

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  1. I will admit that I will eat a Huge steaming plate of Crow!!! When A.J., was in his Bellinger funk earlier. Striking out at a immense rate, I was all about trading him or sending him somewhere. Probably a good thing I wasn’t the Arm chair G.M…… Props to Friedman this year, he has juggled, patched, mixed wheeled and dealed more than he has ever had to , and so far he’s killin it…..Pollock so far IMO has been the teams MVP….Hope he stays healthy……

    1. Outstanding Kirk! Way to man up. But you shouldn’t feel alone because you’ve had plenty company down on him. I get it; he was injured early and then he and Seager were horrendous against the Nats in ’19 but this guy was signed for 12M a year. That’s CT3 money and, like CT3, he’s been worth every cent.

  2. He’s making great defensive plays, hitting about .365 since the All Star break, and has speed on the bases and he also has power. I’d say Pollock is the reason Roberts can afford to carry Bellinger in the same outfield, not playing his top defense and hitting with an average about where a few of the pitchers are. If Pollock was tanking as bad as Bellinger this club could easily be battling for 3rd place in the division.

  3. I felt the same way about Pollock , I was excited when we got him from ARIZONA , He showed some of his talents that he had in the past with ARIZONA but was not displaying to much with the Dodgers , I would say to myself and almost predict the outcome , strikeout , groundout to third base or popup , I am so happy for him and the DODGERS now and hope it continues ! He is the player now that can be counted to produce in most situations and if He believes in Himself , than I do also , I hope again , I say is that his success , his hard work , weight loss , striving to be a better player .He deserves it and now it is paying off !!!

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