Dodgers – White Sox Spring Training Game Thread | Kershaw Edition

The Dodgers take on the White Sox this afternoon on this, the holiest of days: Clayton Kershaw’s birthday.

Also of note: Joe Davis is making his debut as the Dodgers’ play-by-play guy. Pretty excited about what he brings to the booth. My one complaint: He’s somehow younger than me.

Ah, well.

First Inning:

No scoring from anyone, as Sale and Kershaw set the tone early.

Second Inning:

The Dodgers don’t get anything going, but Chicago starts the scoring with a pair.

Third Inning: Dodgers trail 2-0

Kendrick’s triple scores Kiké from first! He had a double earlier in the game and has been seeing the ball really well over the last couple games.

Fourth Inning: Dodgers trail 2-1

Alex Guerrero homers to tie the game!

Fifth Inning: Tied at 2-2

Both sides held scoreless in this inning, and that’ll probably be it for Kershaw. 72 pitches through 5 innings.

Sixth Inning: Tied at 2-2

Neither team notches a run in the inning, and Louis Coleman looked great on the mound in the bottom half.

Seventh Inning: Tied at 2-2

White Sox take a 4-2 lead after a two-run home run off of Kenley Jansen.

Eight Inning: Dodgers trail 4-2

Nothing doing for either side in the eighth, and we head to the final frame.

Ninth Inning: Dodgers trail 4-2

Los Angeles gets nothing in the ninth, and this one is over. There’s always tomorrow!


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  1. Guerrero can hit. I heard he can’t play defense, but he only had 1 more error at 3rd base than I did last season. And no, I don’t play baseball for the Dodgers.

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