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Dodgers: Why Blake Treinen Was Not Available on Monday Night

The Dodgers got off to a great start in their series against the Cardinals by taking game 1 from one of their best starters. Los Angeles came out swinging and the offense was able to overcome Trevor Bauer giving up 3 homeruns, thanks in part to a few homers of their own.

Bauer was followed up by Victor Gonzalez, Nate Jones, and Phil Bickford out of the bullpen. But it was the Jones move that had Dodgers fans wondering where Blake Treinen was. Jones came on in the 8th innings with a 2-run lead, a spot where Treinen usually slots in.

Treinen last pitched on Friday when he gave up a 3-run shot late in the game against San Francisco. When asked why he did not get into the game on Monday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts revealed there was an issue that popped up before the game.

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Roberts did not clarify the severity of whatever he felt, only calling it a “little something” when asked. Doc also did not clarify if Treinen was going to be used in the game on Tuesday night against St. Louis. The Dodgers are planning on another bullpen game against the Cardinals. 

Treinen has been a consistently dominant force out of the Dodgers bullpen, save for a few blemishes. He’s been especially useful given the injuries that have decimated the pitching staff in the first couple of months of the year. 

More updates on this as they come in today. 

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  1. Aspersions usual Roberts is concealing something and this is what he does regularly with a player when it usually results in a significant injury. Mis diagnosis appears to be a morm.

  2. Paul, I could not agree more. Lets hope it is not an injury. It is the last thing we need at this time. We get Belles back and lost Treinen. Are we jinxed?
    Hope you and PD Jr. are doing well as we try to win another championship.

    1. How are ya BLUE LOU? Hope you’re doing well and the Mrs. Lou too. PD Jr. Is fine and likes hanging out after dinner time when I’m at my dining room table. As far as Roberts goes he has struggled with tough in game decisions that he didn’t have to make last year having a DH. I said at the outset that Dodgers offense without that extra hitter in the daily lineup wouldn’t be as formidable. Injuries haven’t helped though. BTW, I say CT3 NEEDS to be extended beyond this year for sure even before Seager, who of course has Boras as his agent.

  3. Brook – your headline reads…Dodgers: Why Blake Treinen Was Not Available on Monday Night. That’s a bit misleading doncha think as you provided no explanation for why he was not available.

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