Dodgers: Why Kyle Schwarber Actually Makes Sense for LA in Free Agency

The Dodgers have numerous holes to fill this offseason, but they were rather quiet in an early hot stove that was only interrupted by the expiration of the CBA. Aside from bringing back Chris Taylor and signing Andrew Heaney to a one-year deal, Andrew Friedman has yet to open his pockets for any other free agents. With Corey Seager now donning a Rangers jersey, this front office will need to find someone to replace his bat in the lineup.

Most of the talk has centered around free agent Freddie Freeman, and for good reason. He’s talented, reliable, and he fits a position of need for the Dodgers. He is also the face of the Atlanta Braves, however, and Freeman might not want to walk away from the reigning World Series Champions.

In the event that Freeman is off the table, here are a few reasons why Kyle Schwarber could be an ideal target for the Dodgers.

3. A Reasonable Contract

The Dodgers have a lot of money coming off the books heading into 2022, but they also have numerous areas that will require their attention. While losing Corey Seager definitely hurts, the money saved there could be used to upgrade at multiple positions of need.

Kyle Schwarber is an attractive target due to his offensive ability, but he would also come at an affordable price. According to the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, Schwarber is looking to get around 3 years, $60 million in his next deal. This isn’t a bad deal, especially with the type of money players have been getting in free agency this winter. If the Dodgers are able to get Kyle for that price without having to add on more years, it could be a gamble worth taking.

2. Lefthanded Production

The number one priority for the Dodgers this offseason will have to be replacing Corey Seager’s production from the left side. This is no easy task, but Schwarber would fit the bill better than most.

Looking at his numbers across a 162-game season, Schwarber is averaging a fantastic 37 home runs and 85 RBI. He’s also gotten on-base at a 34% clip over his career. However, strikeouts have always been a concern with him, but with production like that, teams are growing more and more comfortable with the trade-off.

1. The Impending Universal DH

While there is still enormous uncertainty regarding the next CBA between the owners and the players union, the universal DH is almost certain to be included. The time has come for both leagues to have access to an extra bat in the lineup, and Schwarber will be a key piece for someone in 2022.

The ability to get him off of his feet on a consistent basis did wonders for Kyle’s offense in Boston last season. Even with a slightly lower slugging percentage, Schwarber finished the season hitting at a .291 clip – the highest of his career. With the Dodgers’ ability to move their players around the diamond, Los Angeles would be the perfect fit for someone like Kyle Schwarber.

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Daniel Palma

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  1. I assume he could also serve as an emergency catcher, a luxury Dodgers have not had for a few years.

    1. Don’t worry, Kirk, because this lockout won’t end anytime soon, so transactions of any kind won’t be taken place. This face off over millions and billions of $$$$ might keep MLB in hiatus for several months..

    2. What??? That makes no sense.

      If he could hit lefties, he wouldn’t be a platoon player, would he?

  2. Freddie Freeman fits a position of need? Is Max Muncy not coming back?

    Freeman would be a luxury–not a need.

  3. I wish I could understand most of these Comments. It’s a new, younger generation. I’m from the Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider generation who enjoyed the obsolete Hit & Run, Hidden Ball Trick, Double Steal, Nine Inning Pitcher.

    1. I’m from the play situational baseball, hit and run, sac bunt move runners and play your best players at all times. When they slump start playing their reserves to rest your best. Build a strong enough roster “especially” if you have the capital to do so, that can do all of the above. This generation and even it’s players are all limited, they have a specialist for this, a reliever for that. Shifts, lefty righty, platooning is all done by stats and equations. The teams that win use some of these ideals, the teams that win it ALL still use situational baseball and ride starting pitching while finding ways to score in tight moments. Oh yeah, and the opposing managers are smart enough to walk #4 hitters with a base open…Who do we all know that doesn’t do this?

    1. Yeah, I’ll go along with that. Bring Puig back and brainwash him to follow the rules Kirk has a point, Dumb Roberts didn’t like him but anybody deserves a second chance, right?

  4. Max Muncy can play 2nd base better than trey Turner did and Trey Turner plays shortstop better than he played 2nd base. So yes Freeman fits a position of need, in this case an infielder who can play 1st base (if he were a second baseman the same would apply with Muncy staying at 1st). Muncy’s versatility just means the need is one of two positions.

    1. Muncy can play 2nd? That’s a laugh. I bet JT’s stats at 3rd or Corey’s at SS are better than Max’s stats at 2nd.

      1. Place the bet and lose the money; Muncy’s defensive numbers at 2nd are much better than Seager’s at SS and better than JT’s st 3B since 2017. Muncy is a lot better at 2nd than given credit.

        1. interesting. which stat(s) are you using? ok if that’s true, why didn’t he hold down 2nd base? he was given plenty of opportunities with the Dodgers. Why hasn’t he been given credit? Was his range limited, but if he got to the ball, he could field and throw?

          1. Muncy ended up as the everyday first baseman because Bellinger’s outfield defense was too good to have him remain at first. Had nothing to do with Muncy’s defense at 2nd.

          2. Joe,
            The reason why Muncy plays first base is because Bellinger is a better centerfielder than any dodger so Muncy plays first base better than anybody on the team but if the Dodgers get Freeman, Muncy will go back to second base again. He’s good at it.

          3. dacwriter, Belli is the CF. Max plays first (to hide him there) as we want his bat in the lineup every day. still waiting on bum’s stats he used to claim Max is a better fielder than Corey or JT. yeah if we get Freddie to play 1st then we are stuck with Max at 2nd. or perhaps he can platoon with JT at 3rd, or he becomes the DH if Lux / CT3 take 3nd, both of which are better 2nd basemen than Max

          4. Go to baseball-reference.com and compare Max at 2B, Corey at SS, and JT at 3B. There’s a section on defensive stats broken out by year and position. There’s way too much data for me to recite here but, if you don’t believe me, go look for yourself. Muncy’s better in just about every particular.

          5. The Dodgers don’t play 2nd base. They have a Mid level right fielder playing between right field and 2nd base, and they have the 3rd basemen playing 2nd base, and the short stop playing between 3rd and short. So how does the ( Stats) determine who is playing where and what? Maybe they will play a traditional alignment 3 or 4 pitches a game, to concerned with the computer……

        2. It’s a luxury having someone like Muncy who plays great 2B. Finding a 1st baseman would be terrific but #13 would have to be fully recovered from injury next season. Yes, we still have G Lux (?).

  5. I would take Anthony Rizzo over Kyle. He has a more dangerous bat custom made for our right field stands. He is also a plus defender which Kyle is not. Yes, he will cost more but what he brings to the table is worth it.

  6. Daniel, where are the splits on Kyle’s hitting? If he can’t hit lefties, then we don’t need him. Besides if the DH is implemented then we have JT for that. Lux is the 2nd baseman next year, Muncy 1st, Trea SS and JT/? at thrird with CT3 waiting in the wings to play 2nd, ss and/or 3rd as needed

  7. I would take kyle seager over schwarber. Hits about same against lefties and righties but I think is more clutch.

    IF you need outfielders castellano and bryant are much better hitters. and I would even go hard after suzuki.

    I think would look at Story to play second and be possible backup at SS and 3b and keep lux in the outfield maybe.

    IF they can’t get another 1b bellinger can fill the role. I go free agency for 1b but never sell the farm for olson, and you have beatty who should be getting more time there.

    Strange thing, I did not hear the dodgers were on any of these players including schwarber.
    The only rumour that has come out concerning the dodgers is they checked on correa.

    Which makes you wonder what are the dodgers doing, with only a couple of weak signings at pitcher, when you had much better starters and relievers available at the time?

    Just typical freidman dumpster diving hoping they can find something cheap.

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