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Dodgers: Why Los Angeles May Look Within For Pitching Help in 2022

The 2021 MLB season will be over no later than one week from today, yet it still feels too early to have days without Dodgers baseball. That being said, the team has already begun preparations for the upcoming season and will try to figure out how to get back to the Fall Classic one year from now.

Ahead of what will be one of the most intriguing winters that the Dodgers have had in quite some time, President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman took some time to field questions on Wednesday afternoon at Dodgers Stadium. One of the day’s biggest topics was the impending free agency, which includes more than a handful of current Dodgers. When asked how the team would handle the winter discussions, Friedman gave insight into his process.

“I think each offseason feels that way to me when we’re mired in it,” Friedman said Wednesday, speaking with the media for the first time since the Dodgers’ elimination by the Atlanta Braves in the National League Championship Series. “I get the focus on our pending free agents. Our focus will be there as well soon too. But we also have a really good core in place and a really strong group that’s returning with some players coming up that we feel really good about.

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As much as fans would love to bring back all of their favorite free agents every year, this is rarely the case. This isn’t to say that players don’t want to play in Los Angeles, but they will go where opportunity lies.

The truth is that teams can’t afford to pay every player that hits the market, which is why building a strong farm system has always been as important if not more so than having deep pockets. And if there is one thing that has become apparent in recent years, it is that the Dodgers have an excellent track record when it comes to developing their prospects.

With Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer hitting the free-agent market once the World Series wraps up, starting pitching will be atop the to-do list for LA. Andrew Friedman isn’t worried about it being an issue, however, especially given the talent already within the organization.

We’ve got some really good guys in place. That being said, we’re going to need to address [the rotation]. We’ve got a really good group of young starting pitchers coming with Mitch White, Andre Jackson, Bobby Miller, Ryan Pepiot, Landon Knack.. who will all be upper levels or Major League [level] when we start the year. It really gives us a really strong foundation of depth, and so now rounding out the rotation will definitely be something that we’re focused on as we get into the winter.

Final Thoughts

While the team will almost certainly do everything possible to bring back Clayton Kershaw and potentially even Max Scherzer, it’s good to know that the future is bright even if they don’t. There is a reason that this team is consistently among the best in baseball, and it isn’t because of their money alone. Having the ability to find above-average replacements from within will always be the Dodgers’ greatest weapon.

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  1. Kind of like how the “future was bright” last year because the team had all these “internal” options to replace Hernandez and Pederson, That worked out well, didn’t it? A couple of weeks ago, I would have said bringing back Scherzer was even more important than bringing back Kershaw, but the dead arm is a worry at 37. Still, I think the Dodgers should bring back both. We saw this year that you can’t have enough arms and I never, ever want to see “bullpen” games in the playoffs again. I know that a lot of this depends on getting some relief from Bauer’s contract, but figuring it out is why Friedman gets the big bucks.

    1. From seeing POBO’s media interview this much is certain…

      He really really regrets signing the human dumpster fire.

      And no more grasping at straws either ok? Duffy, Hamels, Morrow, Stewart etc.

      By the sounds of I sure hope Kahnle is going to be worth the gamble because I’m guessing no Kenley or Kelly (bad idea if you ask me)

      Oh well WSS

    2. Bring back Kershaw,Seager,Taylor forget Scherzer couldn’t answer game 6 with 5 days rest.only if he accepts pay cut. Buhler,Urias,Kershaw,Gonsolin,Use Price as Fifth starter and Jackson to give extra day off to starters. Not a bad rotation still the best rotation in baseball if everybody stays healthy also have Mike White. Dodgers should be all right if only they could trade roberts.

    1. What up Dodger Boy! I get trying to bring Max back but Noah Syndergarard would be risky because of his history of arm issues. Besides starting rotation Chris Taylor is a Must to be signed fiirst.

      1. Zach Davies and Marcus Stroman are other potential pitchers that we could sign. I agree with you on CT3 Paul. I hope Scherzer will be back with us. I have confidence with Syndergaard. I’m just saying.

  2. Let’s face painful facts. Kershaw is, right now, a slightly above average (at best) starter who is injury prone. Giving him big bucks is ridiculous. You pay for the future, not the past. Scherzer is the better bet, but not for a long term deal. We need to build a rotation around Buehler and Urias. Quality, dependable #3 or #4 starters who can eat innings should be the priority unless Scherzer will settle for a 1-2 year deal (unlikely).

    1. Caporange, couldn’t agree more. Lots of young arms coming up. White, Jackson, Pepiot, Miller

      Carrot-top should be back around the All-star break too.

    1. Roger, there are certain subjects that if you use names your comments go straight to moderation. Hence I refrain from using them.

      TB is the human dumpster fire. A certain pitcher whom MLB suspended. The Dodgers have little financial flexibility now because of that ill-fated signing. It’s reverberations will be felt for another couple of years unless MLB will provide some sort of relief.

    1. Tommy John surgery. It typically takes a little over a year to fully recover. He tore his UCL in May in Milwaukee.

  3. Kershaw stays Scherzer can go. He always answered the bell never said my arm feels tired like wimpy Scherzer.Still goo for 15 wins as Third starter but probably stays number one cause both Buhler and Urias respect for Kershaw.Mershaw still face of the franchise.

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