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Dodgers: Why They Went With Matt Beaty Over Albert Pujols at First

The Dodgers and Cardinals are ready to square off in a huge Wild Card Game tonight. With everything on the line, Los Angeles sends out Max Scherzer to go up against the veteran Adam Wainwright to decide who moves on. 

The lineups came out earlier today, and it was mostly what fans expected. The only question seemed to be what the Dodgers would do at first base. With Max Muncy out, there were a few options Dave Roberts could have gone with. 

Ultimately, Doc went with Matt Beaty at first and Cody Bellinger in centerfield. The decision sounds like it ultimately came down to defensive alignment, and not necessarily offensive approach. That makes sense, given the metrics at center for Bellinger.  

But Beaty also matches up very well with Wainright. Waino relies heavily on his curveball and sinker, 2 pitches that Beaty hits very well. On the year, he has hit .267 on curves and an astounding .321 against sinkers. 

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It’s also worth noting that first base is Beaty’s best spot on the diamond in terms of defensive metrics. So while many expected Dave to go with his heart and start Albert again his former team, they went with the numbers. And it is absolutely the right call in this big of a game. 

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  1. Great game last night. Thank God we didn’t have to second guess our manager. I am confused as to why the Dodgers are playing the Giants. Shouldn’t the Giants be playing the team with the worse record, Atlanta (88-73).

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