Dodgers: Will LA Trade For a Starting Pitcher Now?

The Dodgers are probably going to need some help with their pitching staff. With Walker Buehler going onto the injured list, there is no telling when they can expect him to be back to full health. They also need to factor in the innings building on guys like Julio Urias.

So if they want to go out onto the market and get someone, there are arms available. The Dodgers could turn to familiar trade partners in the Oakland Athletics and Cincinnati Reds, both of which have good starting options that should be available.

So who will they go after? Let’s dive in.


Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers ran into a bit of an embarrassing moment this weekend against the Mets. It looked for a moment like they didn’t entirely know the rules after trying to have a position player pitch in a game where they were down 5 runs. It was very…weird.

Who doesn’t love a good lockerroom tradition following a win? Dodges fans were treated to a new fun one this week when it was reported that they had Club Dub following victories. And of course, it was founded by Justin Turner.

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  1. This is akin to asking someone who just jumped out of a plane, “Do you think you should deploy your parachute?”

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