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Dodgers Will NOT Furlough Their Full-Time Employees

In a season full of sad and disappointing news, we have a sliver of hope. The Dodgers will not be joining several teams around the league in issuing massive furloughs, despite the monetary loss they are facing. 

Instead, the Dodgers will begin a tiered salary cut system that will begin on June 1st. This system has executives taking the biggest pay cuts in order to keep everyone employed, despite the fact that the league is shut down. 

The Angels, who play just down the 5 freeway in neighboring Orange County, issued massive furloughs for full-time employees last week. A few other teams in the league, including the Oakland Athletics, have followed the same route. But the Dodgers opted to take care of their own and make sure that those making more would be the first to take large cuts. 

Only those Dodgers’ employees making over $75,000 will see a change in pay due to the cuts. The potential cut ranges from 0 to 35 percent depending on how high the salary is. The Dodgers were projected to have the largest revenue loss in the National League at $232 million, second to only the Yankees.

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